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The first hello holds the echos of the last goodbye.

Submitted by: Danny

I have to let you go because I know that you’ll be happy by her side… Goodbye…

Submitted by: cravielle

See you later is a lonely maker, goodbye is a heart breaker.

Submitted by: marvellous glb

Goodbye is not yet the end it is a way of saying see you later

Submitted by: rachel

“goodbye is a hard word to say to someone you love.”

Submitted by: meagan

Its hard to say goodbye but sometimes you have to.

Submitted by: Shelly

If you really love someone goodbye is never really goodbye

Submitted by: some kid

I know this is not the end of our story.
we’ll see each other again..someday..
goodbye and farewell

Submitted by: SIOTI

I miss the days when goodbye meant I’ll see you tomorrow at RECESS. Now when you hear goodbye your heart stops, your eyes water &+ your knees get weak…you never realize how much things change til you look back and everything is different

Submitted by: MiLLz

Remember to remember me.Forget to forget me.
Even if you remember to forget me, I will never forget to remember you…

Submitted by: Mr.Johann

It hurts when you say bye, It hurts when you have to leave, It hurts when you’re gone!!! And I don’t think you understand just how much I’m gonna miss you…!!!

Submitted by: Dandoon

Saying goodbye may be a hard thing to do, however in the end it will be worth it, because then you’ll be free from all the pain they caused you.

Submitted by: Vicky

We say goodbye, but if it’s fate then we’ll say hello agian.

Submitted by: Alyy

I wonder how many times
we’ll say goodbye,before we finally let go.

Submitted by: Sis

Stay if you want,
leave if you like

Submitted by: ralp

Saying goodbye is just physical, she remains in your heart forever!

Submitted by: edwin of roxas

” the hardest good- byes are the ones we do not want. The hardest part about them is once said, you have to walk away…alone!”

Submitted by: kat

Life goes on, theres no rewind button, its alway difficult to say goodbye for the last time

Submitted by: echin

Why do we have to say HELLO and I LOVE you if we have to say goodbye in the end?

Submitted by: ronald ledesma

Sometimes you have to see the truth that she’s already gone than to hold on when there’s nothing to hold.

Submitted by: ronald ledesma

Saying goodbye to you means saying goodbye to my happiness

Submitted by: ronald ledesma

Saying goodbye is cutting the ties that holds between you and your love one…

Submitted by: nydz

Its not that you say good- bye that hurts its the fact that you have to watch them walk away.

Submitted by: Sami

Goodbye – A tough word to say! memories, those memories make it that way!!!

Submitted by: nehha

I’ll never want to say goodbye to you. I want to hold on to your hand forever.. Till the day I die. See you tomorrow is what I want to hear.. I love you not I hate you. Hello.. Not goodbye… Forever… Not months.

Submitted by: Mallory Chiasson

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