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Its not that you say good- bye that hurts its the fact that you have to watch them walk away.

Submitted by: Sami

Goodbye – A tough word to say! memories, those memories make it that way!!!

Submitted by: nehha

I’ll never want to say goodbye to you. I want to hold on to your hand forever.. Till the day I die. See you tomorrow is what I want to hear.. I love you not I hate you. Hello.. Not goodbye… Forever… Not months.

Submitted by: Mallory Chiasson

People say you never know what you have till its gone..
But maybe you have it better when it is gone..

Submitted by: i?you

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you’re really leaving and forget everything.
The reason why its hard to utter the word is that we can’t get rid of turning back again..

Submitted by: dbest

Take care of my heart, I’ve left it with you

Submitted by: Autumn

Probably, the greatest torture you could ever do to your heart is to let somebody go…at the time you’re loving that person most…

Submitted by: aiyah

Saying goodbye to you is hard, but actually meaning it is harder!

Submitted by: Stefana

We may have said goodbye in person, but not in our hearts..

Submitted by: Stefana

It’s hard to leave for a few minute how do you think how it feels to say goodbye

Submitted by: erica

Good- bye is just a place holder for until we meet again…

Submitted by: Courtney

If saying goodbye doesn’t hurt when your saying it to the one you love then you never loved that person anyway

Submitted by: true love hurts

“Good- bye” Why would you say such a thng to someone you love …
because personaly if I loved someone I would do everything in my power to see them again “I Promise I’m here for you” is more like it

Submitted by: Connor O'Neill

Every love that comes into your life teaches you a lesson. How to love better, how to give more of yourself, how to understand someone even more, how to put others before yourself. But the one thing that we never seem to learn is how to make the pain go away when the one we love says good- bye.
and sometimes we forget to learn the lessons from before.

Submitted by: Heather

Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.

Submitted by: Peter Pan

When a loved one or your best friend in the whole wide world moves away and you have to say goodbye and you know its gonna feel like they are gone forever.
Well guess what? They’re always gonna be in your heart.

Submitted by: LeAnn

You should never say goodbye, if you do I think you should take a step back and look at how you just made someone feel and I hope you realize it.

Submitted by: ashilynn

You broke my heart and left me here alone to pick up the peices. Ever since you said goodbye, nothing has been put back together.

Submitted by: ali

I don’t cry because he left, I cry because I know he’s not coming back

Submitted by: Jazz

I Want To Run… But Only Far Enough For You To Miss Me..

Submitted by: Mariiia'

Staying far away from you hurts as much as having you here with me. Because I know that either way, I’ll never really get to be with you.

Submitted by: lovestruck

If Good- bye is so difficult to say, try ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ and see what happens.

Submitted by: stangfx06

Loving is often the easiest part, the absence of love is the toughest. We must rejoice because it happened and move forward knowing we gave our best.

Submitted by: Anonymous

How do you say goodbye to someone who has been gods to you?

Submitted by: bala marimutu

Goodbyes are never easy…because there’s so much you’re leaving behind

Submitted by: nobody:

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