Insult Quotes, Insulting Sayings

If I had a nickel for every smart thought you had, I’d be deeply in debt.

Submitted by: Gabe

“LOL”…That’s what mirrors say when you leave.

Submitted by: Ashunti

My teacher asked me to define the word “idiot”… So I just said your name.

Submitted by: Hi there,

If you have something to say, please raise your hand and put it over your mouth! Cos I’m not listening.

Submitted by: Aniqa

I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.

Submitted by: s_karma.

I may be fat…. But I can lose weight but you’re stuck with that face for the rest of your life!

Submitted by: Lynette

Please go bore someone else with your existence.

Submitted by: Rina

Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.

Submitted by: LISA!

The best insult is still and will always be… “Oh”.

Submitted by: bmdfks

I don’t know what you’re problem is. . . But I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re too dumb to realize you don’t know what your problem is.

Submitted by: Daniel

You know that thing you do when you move your mouth and talk? Stop doing that, it’s annoying.

Submitted by: Chocobear

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your face is making me cry,
So please spare the view.

Submitted by: IAmunknown

Go check your weight & you’ll see you phone number there!

Submitted by: Jake DeSax

If ugliness was electricity…you could power the entire universe.

Submitted by: walla walla

Intelligence must be your worst nightmare.

Submitted by: Stephanie Branch-Milan

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