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You can’t fix stupid.

And I thought I had problems? Look at your face!

You don’t have enough qualities to be insulted by me.

Submitted by: Azkikr

Well, they do say opposites attract…so I sincerely hope you meet somebody who is attractive, honest, intelligent, and cultured.

Sure, I’d love to help you out…now, which way did you come in?

If brains were taxed, you’d get a rebate.

Hi there, I’m a human being! What are you?

Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent, like on the 30th of February.

Submitted by: The Awesome 1

All day I thought of you…I was at the zoo.

Insult Quote: All day I thought of you…I was...

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I may be fat, but I can exercise, you can’t fix ugly!

Insult Quote: I may be fat, but I can...

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