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If you are irreplacable, you will never be promoted

Submitted by: Devanshi

In applying a job in any of our Govt. Offices (Philippines):
“It is not what you know, but whom you know!”

Submitted by: Rafael de Leon

If you want a long life, work for somebody!

Submitted by: John James smyth

If you want to know the value of your job, just imagine when you don’t have it.

Submitted by: Brayo

Hardest job ever: Working in a bubble wrap factory. Imagine the self control needed.

I hate how Monday is so far away from Friday and Friday is so close to Monday.

An unsuccessful manager pleads to his boss. “I’m sorry but I have five idiots working under me.”
The boss replies “You’re lucky I have six.”

Submitted by: The Car Boss

I work for money. You want loyalty? Hire dogs.

Submitted by: nadeem

Don’t be irreplaceable- then you can’t be promoted.

Submitted by: Vanessa

A job is a safe place to hide from work.

Submitted by: Chris Robertson / Trinidad
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