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You’ll be happy if you are doing a job you love.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Ivy Lee

If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.

I hate how Monday is so far away from Friday and Friday is so close to Monday.

A job not worth doing is not worth doing well.

Submitted by: Akhabuhaya, J

Hunger is not the worst feature of unemployment; idleness is.
– William E. Barrett

It is not easy to find a job so be content with what you have.

Submitted by: prosper

I pretend to work, they pretend to pay me.

Submitted by: WARNERIT

When you’re tired of your job, think of job, think of the jobless, the disabled and those who wish they had yours.

Submitted by: Romeo Ycong

In everything you do, preparation is ninety percent of the job.

Submitted by: Troy

Remember: the company hired you to resolve company problems, not to be the problem of the company.

Submitted by: ipoy bentir
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