Karma Quotes and Sayings

Be honest, like karma it will eventually come back to you.

Submitted by: jade

Be kind to other even if they are not to you,
Keep spreading love even if you don’t get it back,
Be helpful even if you have no one to help you,
Do not change yourself according to others,
Just remember one thing it is not between you and others it is always between you and the God.

Submitted by: Shishir Manral

Don’t waste time on revenge. The people who hurt you will eventually face their own karma.

When karma comes back to punch you in the face, I wanna be there. Just in case it needs help.

Submitted by: Alexxis

Nothing happens by chance, by fate. You create your own fate by your actions. That’s Karma.

Submitted by: Judy

What goes around comes back around.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
Wayne Dyer

Before you begin on the journey of revenge, dig two graves.

When you do something bad: it comes back to you later.

Submitted by: sue kang

Do something good today and in the future you will get repaid with something good too. (Do something good. Get something good.)

Submitted by: lexie cyr
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