Life Quotes and Sayings

May your life reflect your hopes not your struggles.

Submitted by: Maduwa Thabo

Death is certain. Nobody can escape it. Then why fear death? Live till you die!

Submitted by: RVM

Life is a choice. We can be truly happy or miserable ! Or in-between. We decide.

Submitted by: RVM

How do you know you’re not dreaming? Or not dead?

Submitted by: Neo Shamon

Always remember you are where you are, and that’s okay, but where you are going is up to you.

Submitted by: Dee Gregory

Whatever we do in life, let us not forget to enjoy it. Life is a gift and will soon end. We may have goals and aspirations, but we must enjoy every moment of life.

Submitted by: RVM

To be happier, healthier, and wealthier choose a positive mental attitude. React and respond positively. That’s the biggest wealth of life.

Submitted by: RVM

Peace of mind is better than riches.

Submitted by: Rehema Birya (Kenya)

The most priceless thing you will ever collect in your lifetime are memories, not material things.

Submitted by: Debbie Rapada

Be soft, don’t let the world make you hard. Be gentle, don’t let the people make you difficult. Be kind, don’t let the realities of life steal your sweetness and make you heartless.

Submitted by: Nurudeen Ushawu

Take control of your life to the best of your ability,
Since thoughts put into action is created not only by
Yourself, but also by the interference of others.

Submitted by: Victoria Black

Life experiences are like planting a tree, the only time you will know if it was worth the time and energy you put in growing it, it’s when so much has happened, be it good fruits and shade or bad fruits and lousy shade.

Submitted by: Mpusetseng

Don’t blame others for your misery, because you are the architect of your own life.

Submitted by: willy gosal

If you don’t ever get what you want in life always know that God knows best.

Submitted by: stanlee

The best days in life, are earned not bought.

Submitted by: Anyoku Winston Kenechukwu

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