Life Quotes and Sayings

Life is the most fragile free gift of lord. Handle with care.
Anandmurti Gurumaa

Life is full of challenges, opportunities and possibilities. Life is full of hardships. Difficulties and obstacles.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Ivy Lee

Life is happiness when you are happy. But life is happier when you makes someone else happy. It’s true.

Submitted by: Danny malik

Don’t stay too long where you are not loved and if you are there, walk and behave wisely.

Submitted by: segun olojuanu

Love life, love yourself, love everyone because life is too shot. Just breath, don’t think about past and future, live for today.

Submitted by: Gauri

My grandmother told me things of life, my mother taught me things of life, my dad my uncle and my brother showed me things of life, but my greatest teacher has been the experience of living my life.

Submitted by: Mark McIntosh

Every day I learn a little bit more about how much I don’t know.

Submitted by: Lynda Carlson

Our life is like a boat that can float. Some row and go! Some blink and sink!!

Submitted by: RVM

Celebrate life. To truly live, celebrate each day of life. Let each day be a festival of joy.

Submitted by: RM

Life is beautiful to those who know the art of living.

Submitted by: Sujan Lal Joshi

You often find yourself in the middle of nowhere which leaves you utterly confused but sometimes in life in the middle of nowhere you find yourself and when it happens all your ambiguity perishes.

Submitted by: Shishir Manral

Don’t live a dull boring life. Spice it up. Have you realized that you won’t live forever.

Submitted by: RVM

Life is like goalkeeping people won’t care about the goals you saved they only will look at the goals you let in.

Submitted by: Nicholas Koo

Life is like an untouched road. Sometimes it’s bumpy and sometimes smooth. For the people who live life on the bumpy road tomorrow is a mystery waiting to be discovered but for others they plan and they think “Tomorrow is going to be perfect” and you may think the people that live life on the smooth road are lucky but the truth is nobody lives on the smooth road we all live on the bumpy. We all have problems. No matter who you are.

Submitted by: Madison

Football is an honest game.
It’s true to life. It’s a game about sharing.
Football is a team game. So is life.
-Joe Namath

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