Love Quotes and Sayings - Page 45

If he catches me staring, at least I know he was looking back.
I never knew it would be this hard to lose something I never had.

Submitted by: ~May~

Say I Love You because you mean it, not because you can

Submitted by: Jessica

Love is never having to apologize for invading one’s personal space.

Submitted by: kjforce

I have never wished to be everything to everyone but I am so glad now that I am something to someone.

Submitted by: leah

Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to smile for no reason.

Submitted by: lisaa

Love is when you sees perfections in one’s flaws

Submitted by: im mary jane

Love is like the wind, You can feel it but you can’t see it.

Submitted by: joey

When you have someone to love you are rich but when that someon loves you are the richest man in the all world…

Submitted by: anger

Just thought of this one off the top of my head…hope its good!!…
*The guys that break your heart are just stepping stones to the one that will finally make your heart whole*

Submitted by: Alyssa

Distance means so little when someone means so much.

Submitted by: krista
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