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Good boyfriends are like four- leaf clovers, hard to find, but lucky to have.:)

Submitted by: amberlulu:)

Love can’t be summed up in words or lyrics. It can be summed up by the expression on your face when that someone tells you they love you.

Submitted by: Jewell Parnell

You are the reason I believed in love again; by healing my broken heart.

Submitted by: leo

Love is better when you know that person is loving you back with the same intensity.

Submitted by: leo

I’ve tried to think of the sweetest words I could say to you. Something different and something true. But I guess there could never be a word sweeter that saying, “I love you”.

Submitted by: acelover

Because of you… I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a little more.

Submitted by: Aswin

The first time you fall in love it changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try the feeling will never go away.

Submitted by: Haley

Consider yourselves lucky if you love someone who truly loves you back. It’s not common.

Submitted by: RANDY DAVOH

I don’t want to be that girl no more I want to be THE girl.

Submitted by: Carina

Loving you is all I know and I am okay with that.

Submitted by: emoband72

Sometimes love leaves us breathless when we least expect it.. One day you’re gasping for air, trying to hide the nervousness of your first kiss, then in no time you’re trying to breathe through your cries, in attempt to pick up the broken pieces of your heart.

Submitted by: tnw:)

I love it when I’m the cause of the smile on your face.

Submitted by: Bri

You & I are meant to be.

Submitted by: Just a Person.

On days when I feel down and the world is cold and gloomy and there is no one to comfort me. I just think of you and the way you look at me and smile, and suddenly everything is bright and warm.:)

Submitted by: Chris M

Love can be like a flower. It may be beautiful in the beginning,but in the end, it wilts.

Submitted by: Nikki Loy

If you love someone don’t wait for her to come to you.. You need to go to her.

Submitted by: kyle

If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever.

Submitted by: roadke

T. Trustworthy
R. Respectful
U. Unconditional
E. Everlasting
L. Loyal
O. Ongoing
V. Venturous
E. Eternal

Submitted by: Isobel

You’ll never understand love until you have experienced it.

Submitted by: Janah

Lucky is the man who wins the first love of a woman but luckier is the woman who wins the last love of a man.

Submitted by: joan

When you read a “Love Quote” there is always one specific person on your mind.

Submitted by: Sarah

Love is when he calls in the middle of the night because he wants to here your voice or when you see him your heart stops and you feel like you can fly that’s how you know it’s love.

Submitted by: London

Sometimes you have to test someone…, not because you don’t trust them… But to see how much they’ll sacrifice for you… And sometimes you have to let them go…., not because you suddenly stopped loving them….. But to see if they love you enough to come back.
Love Never Dies.

Submitted by: viqar

Don’t say you love me. Let me feel it.

Submitted by: DjayKeith

Stop searching for love… Sit back and wait …Love will find you.

Submitted by: Brandon baker

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