Love Quotes and Sayings

Love is when he texts you a page on how much you mean to him
Its when your left speechless from the words that comes out of his mouth
Its when he is the only thing you think about.
Love isn’t worth the tears but it is worth the smiles he brings after the tears.

Submitted by: Melissa

Being able to wait is a sign of true love and patience.
Anyone can say “I love you” but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.

Submitted by: cherry mae rivera

The best part of love, is saying “I love You” when you actually mean it.

Submitted by: Emily

Love isn’t as horrible as everyone depicts it as. We are all running in one chain. Each person is chasing another. All you have to do is turn around to see the one who only sees you.

Submitted by: Freekshow

I don’t love you because I need you, I need you because I love you.

Submitted by: Teresa

No three words have greater power than “I Love You”.

Submitted by: Aquib Ahsan

I never thought I was in love with him, till he looked me in the eyes and said “Do you see it now?”

Submitted by: TanisAmerson

I never knew how much I could be hurt by love … Until the one I love hurt me.

Submitted by: Kyraa shaaye

True love is that feeling you get when your with that certain someone. That special feeling that nothing can hurt you as long as you are in their arms. That nobody can separate you two from being together because your love will last forever and that feeling that there is nobody else in the world besides you and me when I look into your eyes.

Submitted by: jazzydee

Love didn’t have a defintion…until I found your’e my definition**

Submitted by: Conner

How can life be beautiful when the one you love is not yours…

Submitted by: sharina

In order to find happiness yourself, you can’t let him slip away. No matter who else is involved. Life is too short to be wrapped up in what everyone else thinks.

Submitted by: Ilona & Claire

Do not wait for the perfect moment, take this moment and make it perfect.

Submitted by: unknow

Me? Perfect? No! Better than you…of course!
Look at yourself in a mirror and say no one is perfect…but I am perfectly imperfect.

Submitted by: Me, myself and I!

Quitting while you’re ahead isn’t the same as quitting

Submitted by: Sara

Those who anger you – Rule you!

Submitted by: Laurie

It might seem that I stalk you, but the truth is I love you!!!

Submitted by: Rebecca

And I said “you’re crazy” and he said “just for you baby!”

Submitted by: Cinderella

If there was a land, where wishes came true… My first wish would be to share it forever… With you.

Submitted by: Broken

Everyone’s a star, but it’s their choice whether they want to shine or not.:)

Submitted by: savannah

There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you. I Love You.

Submitted by: some guy

Not even a million fights could make me hate you.

Submitted by: Edy

There is love in holding and there is love in letting go.
– Elizabeth Berg

I get a feeling I can’t explain whenever your eyes meet mine.
– Joey Fatone

Love is the sweetest affection, dictated by the heart, spoken by the lips and proven at the altar.

Submitted by: trish

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