Love Quotes and Sayings

Never give up on that special person you can’t go a day without thinking of.

Submitted by: Marsh

Love is inevitable.. Cause if true love happens.. Love will find a way whether seems to be no way.

Submitted by: Timothy

You are my sunshine. If I were to die, I would want to come back as a sunflower so I could always look at you.
– Me.

Submitted by: Myranda

True love can never be explained, it can only be felt.

Submitted by: Tan

You Know you’re in LOVE when, whenever you think about them or are around them or even when someone just mentions their name…
You just smile and get butterflies.
Thats true love and its hard to find.

Submitted by: RiiSkY LoVeR

Kisses Are Like Tear Drops; The Real Ones Are Those You Can’t Hold Back.

Submitted by: *Chanda*

Sometimes you need to stop thinking so much and let your heart guide you…trust me, it knows where it’s going.

Submitted by: the one youre falling for

Love is not a game to play, love doesn’t begin in march and end in may, love is today, tomorrow and every day.

Submitted by: okokok

Why is it that the boy that breaks your <3 is the one that makes it beat faster?

Submitted by: anonomous

You are the first person in the morning and the last person at night I think of…

Submitted by: sharina

You know it’s love when every song reminds you of that person.

Submitted by: savannah

Love is when you look into a person’s eyes and see what their future will be and not what their past was.

Submitted by: Joi

What is Love? It’s hugging a lot. Being there for each other. Holding each other up. Smiling the smiles and drying the tears and saying the words that keeps us going. It’s celebrating the best and forgiving the worst. Knowing there’s always someone who 100% believes in you, and will always let you know that you’ll always belong. That’s what really matters. That’s Love!

Submitted by: Ashleigh

They say it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all… I disagree… I feel like if you’ve never known the pain of losing that special someone, I envy you.

Submitted by: Kiara

I’d rather have a bad time with you than a good time with someone else.

Submitted by: Heart of gold

I was pulling the petals off of a flower one day,trying to decide if you loved me or not. When the last petal was no I started to cry. Then you took me into your arm and there in the silence I realized… Flowers lie.

Submitted by: melissa cornett

Your hugs makes me feel like I am wrapped in gold.

Submitted by: sid

I don’t want to be a Super model.. I wanna be a role Model.

Submitted by: Mary

Whats Spongebob without Patrick, whats Tigger without Pooh, whats Dora without Boots, whats a good friend like me without you? =]

Submitted by: Brittani [just smile]

Having the chance to be with you is enough to make me happy..
Girl, I’ll only kiss you, because you are the only person I love.

Submitted by: Mystica

Don’t waste your time getting to know him if he never bothers to get to know you.

Submitted by: Unknown

Keep some walls up so the right person can break them down.

Submitted by: Secret:)

His/her smile. His/her eyes. His/her lips. His/her hair. His/her laugh. His/her hands. His/her smirk. His/her teasing. His/her humor. His/her weird faces. The way he/she walks.
Like if you thought of someone.

Submitted by: Unknown

Here’s my love, take it. Here’s my soul, use it. Here’s my heart, don’t break it. Here’s my hand, hold it and together we will make it forever.

Submitted by: Mia Maira

Love is not complicated, people are.

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