Missing You Quotes and Sayings

Missing you is like the moon who never sees the sun.

Submitted by: Brandon Howell

Even though I don’t utter a word..my silence says it all…I miss you.

Submitted by: penny

You are only far away from me in distance, but you are right here in my mind and in my heart.

Submitted by: Ming

The empty space in my heart can’t be filled till the day you come back
I miss you every second..
I would take my last breath to say I Love You
even though you’re not there…
Truth is I need you in my life again
For my heart cannot smile

Submitted by: Brittany

It’s horrible, just looking at the person, who was once in your arms.
It’s horrible, looking back at all those fights we fought.
It’s horrible, thinking I once had you.
It’s horrible, not wanting you, but not wanting anyone else to have you.
It’s horrible when your heart bleeds, because every second of the day. You’re thinking back to him. The memories. The photos.

Submitted by: Emma

I miss you, I miss your smile, I miss those eyes looking into mine, I miss your hugs and I miss your kisses, I miss the way you touched and I miss the time we spent together, all the pain I feel now, was worth all the good times we had together. I miss all the sweet things you said to me and I miss you the way you said “I love you,” I miss how you told me I was your favorite girl and that you’ll never let me go, but that day came and you did let me go, it killed, me, I didn’t wanna lose you, and now my hearts broken and I don’t know when it will be healed.

Submitted by: broken heart #2

How can you forget someone when he/she is someone you want to be in your future. :(

Submitted by: ana mae

Missing you is like forgetting who you really are in life.

Submitted by: don't know who i am

The thing is..I can see myself without you. But I won’t be happy the way I am with you. I miss and love you baby.

Submitted by: Renee Mclane

Your silliness, your smile, your hugs that made me smell like you for a while. Sitting here thinking about you and all the good times we had. Miss you babe.

Submitted by: Brookey_Loves_You

Missing you has numbed my senses, please come back to me.

Submitted by: Raye

It’s been a few days since I’ve seen you, but it feels like an eternity for me.
I really miss you so much & I can’t wait to see you smiling and laughing.

Submitted by: Hailey

If you were here, then this tear on my face wouldn’t be. I miss you!

Submitted by: Nicolas

I remember your touch, I remember your hands in my hands, I still have your fragrance lingering around…but girl when I look around, you are not there, missing you is like a hungry bird without feathers… :'( I love you and I miss you.

Submitted by: ankith

I hate to be disturbed when I got nothing to do, cause I am very busy missing you.

Submitted by: VirRanmay

If you TRULY loved someone, no matter who are you with now and how long it has been, you will always remember him…and miss him.

Submitted by: Mila

When I think about how much I miss you, I’m not going to think about how many miles that may separate us, or how I don’t get to see you that often. Instead, I’m going to think about how lucky I am to have someone that special to miss. Distance between relationships is the worst thing created. But if you can conquer that together, than you can overcome anything together.

Submitted by: Alice

Baby, you’re like the wheels to my motorcycle. Without you, I can’t get anywhere.

Submitted by: Fredo

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and before I open my eyes, I wish that when I do open them, you’ll be right next to me like it used to be and that all this was a bad dream.

Submitted by: chelsi

Trying to forget you is realizing that you were never mine. It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song. Life doesn’t have much meaning with out love. Sorrow slowly becomes my best friend, but I don’t mind it because I’ve learned not to trust anyone. Moving on seemed easier imagined. I try and make myself believe your half way out of my heart, but I can’t fool a fool.

Submitted by: Adrian

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