Missing You Quotes and Sayings

No- one will ever know every day without you is an ache that worsens as time flows. I smile, I laugh but deep inside I am screaming your name. Nobody hears me. It breaks my heart every time I see you with her, living our dreams with someone else. Someone else holds you close now, she tastes your smile, feels the wonder of your embrace. Why? Why would you want to hurt me this way? You left scars, wounds that won’t heal. I cried, I cry still, an unending ocean of tears that still haven’t run dry…I miss you still…with every heartbeat…I love you…my tormentor…my betrayer…my husband.

Submitted by: hotstuff

I’m here without you baby and I think about you all the time.

Submitted by: shoompa

If I can’t hear your heartbeat then you are too far away…I MISS YOU!! :(

Submitted by: Danilla

One simple thing that would make my day complete: NOT MISSING YOU..

Submitted by: ghlez

As soon as forever is over I’ll be over you!!
Whats the purpose of life if there’s no one to share it with?

Submitted by: khaliah

I thought it wouldn’t be hard to leave but I did and now I want you back but it’s to late you moved on your gone! I miss you…

Submitted by: Broken heart

When I miss you, I try to take my mind off of you. But I ignore the fact that the only thing that can, is you.

Submitted by: TraShawn

What is the best definition of ‘empty’?
Being somewhere and thinking about you, and knowing you’re not next to me.
I miss you…no matter how long it has been.

Submitted by: Eto ya

I miss you more than ever, my days won’t be the same till I see you again.

Submitted by: "his"babygurll

Missing someone makes you sad and makes you even more sad when that someone is not missing you.

Submitted by: Imran

We were never meant to fall in love never meant to care for each other and now your next to me in class walk by me in the hall and all I can do is smile and pretend my heart is not aching for you… I miss you

Submitted by: Emily

The thought that linger the longest in my mind, are all the moments we spent together. Even thought you may not remember them, they’ll be in my heart, forever. I miss you…

Submitted by: Unknown

Without you I’m like a angel without its wings… Without you I’m like the sky without stars… Without you I’m like the beach without the ocean … Without you I’m nothing.

Submitted by: Calla

When you miss the one you love, you’ll see them in everything you do. When that person is missing you too, they will call/talk to you and you will know that you were meant to be.

Submitted by: shana

No matter what I just have to face the truth that he ain’t you, cos you’re all I ever knew, but I gotta stay strong. It’s crazy but true. I just keep missing you :( but no matter what I know I’ll keep missing you and try to face the truth. :(

Submitted by: jaylyn

Missing you isn’t the hardest part, knowing that I once had you is.
I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day.

Submitted by: SOM

When you said hi, I didn’t respond.When you showed me a sweet smile, I responded with a shrug. You showed me your love, I gave you a sigh. But when you bid goodbye, I began to cry.

Submitted by: Jamie

The one whom you miss a lot is the one who is closet to your heart.

Submitted by: aman

Missing the moments when you lifted me off of my feet. Looked me in my eyes and said I love you to the moon and back.

Submitted by: katelyn

So this morning I woke up, and got ready for school. Everything was fine except for the fact I had nothing to look forward to.
I Miss you :(

Submitted by: emi

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