Mistake Quotes and Sayings

To error is human nature. To admit and correct errors creates human dignity.

Submitted by: Jason

If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not living life.

Submitted by: Markis Dean

You are born as an individual and like the start of a book with blank pages. If you read back after years of life and find many cross outs, you know you made mistakes and learned from them. A book without any or little corrections makes boring reading material.

Submitted by: Marcus

A mistake is big enough if you knew you were making it.

Submitted by: peter

The more mistakes you make the more you learn from them and never fall victim to it and you shall ever move forward.

Submitted by: pee pandy

Your mistakes are not mistakes, they are what made you who you are today.
Your pain is but a lesson you have yet to learn.

Submitted by: jazzmin

Sometimes when a person did a mistake, the more they get hurt and suffer, the more they feel that they’re forgiven.

Submitted by: Ivuj Otreivaj

It’s not a mistake if you do it twice it’s a choice.

Submitted by: Bethany

Learn to accept your mistakes for you to be able to face the realities of life.

Submitted by: hazelj

Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes; some of us have to be the other people.

Submitted by: Doug

A man who never made any mistake, he never tried a new thing.

Submitted by: babloo

It takes mistakes to make you wise.

Submitted by: Allison

Since experience comes from mistakes, I don’t fear to do mistakes because I get experience.

Submitted by: Hassan Kapungu

Why are we afraid of mistakes when we make them all the time.

Submitted by: Jordan Trembath

Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

Submitted by: jjaacckk

It takes a humble person to know he made a mistake. However, it takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes.

Submitted by: RJ Morph

The worst mistake anyone can make is being too afraid to make one.

Submitted by: Jessicarabbit

It is your right to make mistakes and it is your responsibility to learn from them.

Submitted by: fruity

Our biggest mistakes, are the ones that others have to pay for.

Submitted by: Evil

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself For What You’ve Done Wrong, Learn From It And Do Better.

Submitted by: Teeh Manibusan

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