Reality Quotes and Sayings

Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows.
– Jennifer Yane

It never rains but it pours.

Okay, who put a “stop payment” on my reality check?

What happens to the wide- eyed observer when the window between reality and unreality breaks and the glass begins to fly?

Question reality, especially if it contradicts the evidence of your hopes and dreams.
Robert Brault

To treat your facts with imagination is one thing, but to imagine your facts is another.
– John Burroughs

I have a very firm grasp on reality! I can reach out and strangle it any time!

Reality is not always probable, or likely.
– Jorge Luis Borges

All the mind’s activity is easy if it is not subjected to reality.
– Marcel Proust

Reality bites… and doesn’t let go.

Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.
– Eugene O’Neill

I believe in a real, physical world. I figure if the world existed only in my mind, it would pay more attention to me.
Robert Brault

Reality is a palette that humans paint on to let themselves sleep better at night.

If I choose abstraction over reality, it is because I find it the lesser chaos.
Robert Brault

How reluctantly the mind consents to reality!
– Norman Douglas

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