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Sure I’ll help you out…the same way you came in.

Submitted by: Chantel

Oh… I didn’t tell you… Then It must be none of your business.

Submitted by: J smith

You’d be in good shape…if you ran as much as your mouth.

Submitted by: Emily

You: Go to Hell!
Me: See you there.

Submitted by: Jen

Teacher: We are going to play the quiet game.
Student: Are you playing too?

Submitted by: therandomone

My friends are so much cooler than yours.
They’re invisible.

Submitted by: he

You: I’m going to be a comedian one day!
Me: *Bursts into fits of giggles*
You: Whats so funny?
Me: *gasps* oh! you were being serious, i’m sorry.

Submitted by: Dessy

Think I am sarcastic?
Watch me pretend to care!

Submitted by: Noem Miranda

Tell me… Is being stupid a profession or are you just gifted?

Sarcastic Quote: Tell me… Is being stupid a profession...

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Submitted by: katx.

Me pretending to listen should be enough for you.

Submitted by: Hanni

Look at you your in perfect shape……………for a circle

Submitted by: CF1

Your just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

Submitted by: Christel

You: “Why are you here?”
Me: “Well… Heaven didn’t want me,
And hells afraid I’ll take over.”

Submitted by: Kikkaa

If you wrote down every single thought you ever had you would get an award for the shortest story ever

Submitted by: taylor

You sound better with your mouth closed.

Submitted by: Crissy

If it looks like I give a damn, please tell me. I don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

Submitted by: Anei

I’m smiling…that alone should scare you.

Submitted by: NESSA

Expect nothing and you’ll never be dissapointed!

Submitted by: Amanda

I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.

Submitted by: Anonymous

If I promise to miss you, will you go away?

Submitted by: Idann

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