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You look good when your eyes are closed, but you look the best when my eyes closed.

Submitted by: qinyuan

Person 1: ” You did not just do that!!”
Person 2: “no? watch I’ll do it again!!”

Submitted by: cijan rike

Thank you for leaving my side when I was alone… I realized I can do so much without you.

Submitted by: kiran

Well at least your mom thinks you’re pretty…

Submitted by: Stefana

>Attempting to give a damn…
>Unable to give a damn…
>Process failed!
[Damn not given]

Submitted by: jo-c

You’re not that lucky and I’m not that desperate!

Submitted by: nichole

On the other hand, you have different fingers.

Submitted by: therandomone

I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter.

Submitted by: Roberto

You have no one to blame but yourself…Unless some other guy is standing next to you then you can blame him.

Submitted by: prankcaller911

I thought I had seen the pinnacle of stupid… Then I met you.

Submitted by: biteme
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