Silence Quotes and Sayings - Page 4

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There is profit in being silent, but much more profit in remaining silent, during a tempting moment.

Submitted by: Dennis walach

I observe and remain silent.
– Elizabeth I Tudor

A good word is better than silence and silence is better than evil talks.

Submitted by: Ghianne Dikitanan

The best consolation is to share the pain of a crying friend in silence, than to say a word that doesnt fit the situation

Submitted by: Ara

The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence.
– Marianne Moore

Silence says it all.

Submitted by: Malexander

Silence doesn’t mean to be quiet but to observe what’s going on.

Submitted by: arvind sharma

Nature operates in silence to produce what the eyes see.

Submitted by: Wesley B. Jones

Silence is a text easy to misread.
– A. A. Attanasio

Silence is a girl’s loudest cry.

Submitted by: kt
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