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Smile… It will give us long life…

Submitted by: Thuuyavan

A smile on the outside says what’s happening on the inside.

Submitted by: Dennis Wilson

One little smile can change your whole life – you just don’t know how until you try it.

Submitted by: Ash C

Smiling helps you and the people who see it!

Submitted by: LJONES

Just Smile!
Nothing Can Go wrong,
Evreyone speeks the language of emotion

Submitted by: N-E-K

From the farthest distance, from china to America, New Zealand to Africa, or what so ever, I’ll always see that lip stretched upwards and your dimples out. That’s what makes me smile. Your smile.

Submitted by: Avalon K.

Smile at all those who are frowning.
You never know when your smile will make someone’s day brighter.

Submitted by: tatyana

A SMILE is a lid which covers all the sadness inside ur heart from the outside world…

Submitted by: Nari

Smile because that is the only wrinkle one would love.

Submitted by: Ridz

Smile like everything is okay.

Submitted by: Kayley

A smile is a servant of the greatest value, love.

Submitted by: ngalani eston

Smile to get yourself through the day.

Submitted by: Cassandra

Smile for who you want to smile for, not for someone who will not return the smile.
– A.M
If someone gives you a fake smile, don’t ask why. Just smile back, and you will find they will be smiling for real.
– A.M

Submitted by: A.M

Smiles are free, so give them away.

Submitted by: Madisen

Just shut up and smile! :D

Submitted by: anonymos

The only thing I love more than being happy, is making other people happy! And it usually doesn’t take more than a smile! :)

Submitted by: Sierrah

Just smile:) show those haters you’re not hurting!

Submitted by: chloe

A smile makes you twenty times prettier then a person with a frown.

Submitted by: deisah

A smile is a inspiration to all and yourself.

Submitted by: Ruckkles007

A smile says it all. :)

Submitted by: Nic

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