Truth Quotes and Sayings

There’s nothing better than the truth.

Submitted by: ayesha

I believe in the ugly truth rather than a beautiful lie.

Submitted by: amber black

Time, whose tooth gnaws away everything else, is powerless against the truth.

Submitted by: Akamnonu Maurice

The truth is all that is constant.

Submitted by: Jordan

Instead of running from the truth, slow down and take a walk with it. You’ll be surprised at where you end up.

Submitted by: whitleylee

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
– Sherlock Holmes

Submitted by: maria

There are two things that cannot be hidden, the truth and the sun.

Submitted by: billy

A man who can not talk truth is a lie… And so is his life…he lives a dream he can only pass by…so he did not live at all.

Submitted by: Yaci EsPer

Pretty isn’t always the truth and the truth isn’t always pretty. It’s time to face the facts. This may not be what you want to hear but think about it,, you’ll realize just how much sense it makes.

Submitted by: Coldfactss

The truth may hurt for a moment, but a lie hurts forever.

Submitted by: Emily

You know you have said something true when everyone around you stares.

Submitted by: *A piece from heaven*

Don’t be so quick to judge me, you only see what I choose to show.

Submitted by: Blue Uninvited

The truth is there is no truth; so everyone lies.

Submitted by: Lanana

The truth is always laying low, just waiting to be announced.
– Al King

Submitted by: N.Watson & Al King

If you do not trust someone to do what is right, then you do not trust them.

Submitted by: shane pm

There no point to hide it. It will always come to the one who craves for it.

Submitted by: Vivek

Lies only delay the truth.

Submitted by: deanne woods

I would rather choke on the truth, than swallow a teaspoon of a lie.

Submitted by: Bridgette

There’s no pain like the truth.

Submitted by: ray

The worst part about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth.

Submitted by: Taylor

There is always a little truth to every joke.

Submitted by: autumn

Never tell the truth to someone who doesn’t deserve to hear it!

Submitted by: Rachael

It’s essential to tell the truth at all times. This will reduce life’s pain. Lying distorts reality. All forms of distorted thinking must be corrected.

Submitted by: John Bradshaw

Who knows the truth, is the one who speak it, and who speak the truth is the one can set his heart free – The freedom comes by knowing truth and by speaking it.

Submitted by: Goodluck Paul

The truth hurts for a while but a lie hurts forever.

Submitted by: [ ..CRIM-NARZ.. ]

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