Attitude Quotes and Sayings

I am not a special person. But I am a limited edition.

Submitted by: soumika

Attitude is just my personality not my nature.

Submitted by: ayushi

My honesty is my attitude.

Submitted by: shitol

I have learnt to be proud of who I am irrespective of my performance, though it matters, I cannot do beyond my best.

Submitted by: Osmond C Mamah

No matter how bad the economy of the jungle, a lion will never eat grass.

Submitted by: Johnsure

I am sweet as sugar
Hard as ice
You hurt me once
I’ll kill you twice.

Submitted by: Ashmi

I’m who I’m.
Your approval isn’t needed.

Submitted by: Mansoor Alam

I’m perfect, you adjust.

Submitted by: Shivika

Lion’s don’t dream of hunting, they just go and hunt.

Submitted by: IMQFT Network

I have always worried about what people will say about me & tried to pleased them, what I’ve realized is people are never appreciative of what you do they will always speak ill about you that’s why I don’t care anymore.

I will please only God & myself, do what is good for me at the end of the day I will work hard to succeed, that’s me, like or not I don’t care or bother!

Submitted by: Audrey Akinyi

Don’t judge a book by its cover, my personality differ from my attitude.

Submitted by: Bunny Leeonny

#Attitude huh!! I have done PhD in that.

Submitted by: Abhishek

The people who have high attitude deserve the standing ovation of the middle finger.

Submitted by: Lx

If you like me it’s fine,
If you hate me. Then,
#buy a map
#get a car
#go to hell.

Submitted by: Sadik choudhury

I want to be a conqueror not a follower,
I want to be a master not a carper,
I want to be a specialized man not a specimen.

Submitted by: Gulab

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