Beauty Quotes and Sayings

We are all beautiful. We are just different types of beautiful. No one is the same; but as long as you are you, the world will see where the true beauty lies.
– Kayla Mitchell

Submitted by: Kayla on January 8, 2012

Beauty doesn’t come from the looks, It comes from the heart. We are beautiful in different ways.

Submitted by: Fir+Fwens on May 10, 2010

You will find the beauty of a person in his will.

Submitted by: immasejane on November 5, 2010

Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you

Beautiful women and handsome men are a dime a dozen, what’s on the inside after the layers are peeled off is what really matters.

Submitted by: Debbie Dunn on February 25, 2013

Good looks fade but a good heart keeps you beautiful forever.

When someone says you’re cute they look at your face, when someone says you’re sexy they look at your body, when someone says you’re beautiful they look at your heart that’s why I always say you’re beautiful.

Submitted by: richard bilak on October 30, 2012

The Love is always Beauty…
The Beauty isn’t always Love…

Submitted by: TaulantC on July 1, 2009

It’s not the looks it’s not the hair it’s the confidence that makes a women beautiful.

Submitted by: chio on March 14, 2011

I think personality reflects on beauty the more sincere and pure your heart is the more beautiful the person is.

Submitted by: Mona on July 28, 2010

To manifest the beauty of life, think beauty, dream beauty, and see the beauty in the simple things all around you.
Debasish Mridha


Beauty is what each of us sees in the things we value or love.

Submitted by: musa sifiso Nyambi on April 11, 2013

No one is ugly just beautiful in their own ways!

Submitted by: Lillian Jones on January 31, 2013

Dimples on the face of the girl are more sweeter than sugar.

Submitted by: Jayant Gupta on July 31, 2012

Love built on beauty, soon as beauty dies…

Submitted by: MissStriggs on September 17, 2009

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