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It’s not that I don’t care about myself anymore, It’s just that I love her so much I don’t care how much she hurts me.

Submitted by: Bradway on January 27, 2010

For the girls that have had your hearts broken, these quotes would probably make you feel a little better. I like them, but I honestly don’t understand how it would have any effect on you. My theory is, and should always be,
“When you love someone, you love like it will never end. You give them every part of you and you never give up. If you do give up and move on, it was never love.”
I don’t understand how someone can say ‘I love you’ and then just move on.. You don’t understand and no- one does. I just recently when through a break up, we dated for 7 months, best friends for 4 years, and he just up and left me, and I loved him with all my heart. I know deep down somewhere he loves me too. I won’t give up. How could you give up on the one person you once said was your everything?!

Submitted by: Mandafoxo on May 5, 2009

I’ve honestly tried to let you go, I’ve honestly tried to forget you, I’ve honestly tried not to think of you but I honestly can’t cause I honestly don’t want to.

Submitted by: mary aquino on January 17, 2010

Its hard to watch people change right infront fo you, but the hardest part is remembering who they used to be.
All this time I thought I wasn’t good enough for you, but really it was god telling me I deserve better.

Submitted by: Chester Copperpot on June 1, 2009

My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago. I wrote this when we broke up.
Life is like the ocean. It has it’s ups and down but it always keeps moving. No matter what storm it sees ahead it keeps going till it’s over and the storm has finally passed. It’s like the old saying the grass is always greener on the otherside. Once something is done it’s never going to come back. Past is the past.look back on it and live from ur mistakes. What’s done is done and you can’t change it. As mush as you wish you could sometimes life just doesn’t work that way. Like I said before life is like the ocean it can never go back.
– – by JULIA :)

Submitted by: julia on June 8, 2009

When you give someone your heart, there’s always the chance they’ll hand it back in pieces.
Dear heart,
today I met a boy.
prepare to SHATTER.

Submitted by: rose on August 6, 2009

I’d be lying if I told you that losing you is something I can handle.

Submitted by: TeamJacob on August 1, 2009

Do you thinking about me while you’re with him?
Do you find yourself comparing him to me?
Are you having second thoughts about letting me go?
Was it really WORTH breaking my heart.:(

Submitted by: richardcamacho on February 27, 2012

I’ll be alright. Just not tonight.

Submitted by: kp on January 25, 2012

And sometimes I wonder, was it all truth he told me ..? Did he truly love me? Cos I’m sitting here crying and thinking that maybe ..just maybe he’ll call me and tell me how sorry he is for letting go and misses me ..

Submitted by: astrangertoyou on November 17, 2009

Move on, it makes a lot of sense than waiting.

Submitted by: jorgea on May 28, 2009

The feelings I used to have for you
Are no longer there
And for the first time in a while
I really don’t care

Submitted by: Lydia and Emily on April 28, 2009

The heart & it’s desires won’t ever make sense to the mind.

Submitted by: Ashleyy ; on July 23, 2010

Breaking up hurts, But in the end, You always remember that’s what made you stronger.

Submitted by: Macezilla on January 8, 2010

Falling in love is like taking a chance. You either fall in the arms of the one you love or you fall and break your heart.

Submitted by: tee on August 26, 2009

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