Coffee Quotes and Sayings

I’m not human until I’ve had a coffee … Well, maybe 3 or 4.;- )

Submitted by: Jojo

Decaf is a waste of cream and sugar.

Submitted by: mary ellen

Coffee: Because sleep is for the weak.

Submitted by: Kaylis

Latte is French for “You just paid too much for your coffee”.

Submitted by: Brutus

Coffee is my lifesaver. The world looks so much better after a fresh cup of caffeine. Problems might be tolerated and my coping skills may improve – whatever the choice, coffee makes it better for me.

Submitted by: iktomi

Given enough coffee I could rule the world!

Submitted by: mom of three

Is there any thing better than a cup of a hot coffee?

Submitted by: Ammar Nasir

Cowboy coffee in God’s country, is pure heaven.

Submitted by: george mattson

First…for my magic trick, I shall turn this water into coffee!!

Submitted by: julie

Coffee…the breakfast of champions.

Submitted by: J.R Daniels

There are so many things I need in life…but right now the most important one is my cup of coffee!!!!!!

Submitted by: juanita

Coffee, Champagne, Coffee, Chocolate, Coffee, Cash, Coffee, Cadillac, Coffee.
All the good things in life start with a “C”

Submitted by: karen

Known blood types are O, A, B, AB… Mine is C… Stands for Coffee!

Submitted by: jovencius

Life’s too short for a bad coffee.

Submitted by: Mirko Angele

Coffee is the best medicine for the stressed people.

Submitted by: agent_mickey

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