Horse Quotes and Sayings

The best feeling is when you can connect and build a strong bond with your horse.

The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.

The world is best viewed between the ears of your horse.

The way to heaven is on horse back!

I’d rather ride on a mustang, than in a mustang!

A dog may be man’s best friend, but a horse part of a man’s heart!

When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered.

I should like to be a horse.
Queen Elizabeth II

There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse.
– Missy Lyons

Anybody who finds it easy to make money on the horses is probably in the dog food business.
Franklin P. Jones

Ride softly, listen carefully, and love completely.

Why do I ride horses? I do because in a horse I see my life, my dreams, my life. When I look in a mirror I see a person, but when I look at a horse I see me.

Lord grant me the patience of my horse.

The horse will speak to you, just listen.

I am his eyes. He is my wings.
I an his voice. He is my spirit.
I am his human and he is my horse.

Horses are not my whole life they make my life whole.

My horse knows more about me than me.

You think I’m crazy you should see me without my horse.

Every girl should find that one horse that teaches her what love is. Teaches her what a relationship really is, teaches her trust, how to love unconditionally, and most importantly, to teach her to cherish every moment spent with that horse because there is going to come a time when her best friend is gone. And her heart will be broken. That is what love is.

The sound of thunder is a horses hoof beats in the sky.

No heaven can be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.

If you haven’t fallen off a horse…then you haven’t been ridin long enough.

To me a horse isn’t a burden, it is a treasure. So grab the reins and ride!

I never fall off.
I just,
Dismount with style.

I don’t have a horse but I rode on fine form a race horse until he got sold its been a year now and I still cry over him. I will never forget the wonderful times we spend together.

Some call it a phase, I call it a shameless obsession.

It is difficult to explain ones love for horses, it cannot be explained, it is simply felt!

I have a learning problem I’m useless at maths wen my teacher asks me a maths problem I say something totally wrong and my class mates laugh at me and I want to burst out crying but I just think to myself I can’t do school work but give me a horse and I will teach you something. My class mates that laugh at me wouldn’t even know how to get on a horse. That’s for you Milani !

Give a horse what he needs and he will give you his heart in return.

Horses: If God made anything more beautiful, He kept it for Himself.

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