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How did I let you come in and control all of my life?
How can something like you cause me so much sadness and strife?

You controlled when I cleaned, you controlled when I worked
The responsibilities I had you made me shirk
You made me neglect all the things that I held dear
You made me do things that I would normally fear
You made me sleep and controlled when I woke
You made me start rows, you made me provoke
You controlled when I bathed, you didn’t care if I wasn’t clean
You made me become selfish, you made me be mean
You made me believe things that were lies and not true
You left me feeling sad, so lonely and blue

But because of all these things you have made me wise
Because of all these things I have come to realize
That there’s no point in fighting a battle I’ll never win
There’s no point trying to take it on the chin
Today is the day that I give up the fight
Today is the day that I surrender to your might

This post was submitted by Teresa.

Category: Sad Poems
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