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How come my tears just like a rain?
Flows through my face with deep pain,
Seems my heart melts on a chain
And like a running falls that never end.

I heard a noise comes from rainy drops
Where felled over on a chimney top
Beyond my mind I silent stop
Should I refuse that I felt bad?

If there’s sunshine after rain
Will my heart bless with so much gain?
And for all I know that I never see
A deep feelings in my heart that can never be free

Thunder trials that everyone thump
Would you be a steel to cover me up?
And make a choice to live in half?
For your half might be the last.

A wind flashed through my innocent vain
Thinking of you would be a flame
And I guess it would be the end
Reaching for drops of rain.

This post was submitted by Gina Mae.

Category: Sad Poems
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