Shahrukh Khan said “I walk down the road and people want to kiss me. I’d never do all that to anyone. Not Mr. Bachchan or Mr. Rajnikant. The exception is Kamal. I asked him if I could touch him when I first met him. He has an amazing sense of using space. When he plays an old man his gait and the way he stands is enough to convey his age. He doesn’t need make-up. I find him greater than Dustin Hoffman and De Niro put together, I know Kamal can make you cry with a look in his eyes. I know his pauses. He has an amazing sense of timing that he knows the audience likes. He’s a technician par excellence. That kind of knowledge and control every actor should strive to get. God has become a generic term like mind blowing. It is embarrassing. I would have said that to Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Nana Patekar. I used to tell them I want to stand in the same space as you. I’ve told Kamal-Haasan, I just want to touch you. They are the gods of acting.”
Kamal Haasan


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