Soccer Quotes and Sayings

My one and only best friend that will never leave my side.. Soccer!:)

Submitted by: paula

To succeed in soccer, you’ll need to play it with your body, mind, and heart.

Submitted by: Martin

About #260…
my response..
If you say soccer isn’t about winning…you obviously haven’t won before!! [heres a tip:winning is FUNNER than losing!!]

Submitted by: Ally

Soccer is your sport… Soccer is my passion.

Submitted by: A.B.

“Soccer isn’t something you try to do, it just comes to you, and you either embrace it and let it take you to places you never dreamed of, or you let is pass you by, and wish you hadn’t for the rest of your life.”

Submitted by: Laurel

Grass stains, Dirt stains, Blood stains all equal the looks of the other team when you’re done with them!!!

Submitted by: Soccgoalie02

Some Wish for it, We Work For It!
– Conquerors

Submitted by: Erin


Submitted by: diego

I’m so good even your mom cheers for me.

Submitted by: Kenzie C

My wife has left me because of my obsession with football. It’s a pity we have been together 10 seasons.

Submitted by: George Valentinel

Either you play your heart out on the field or you don’t play at all.

Submitted by: Hannah

Soccer:what I live for
if you don’t love it, get off the field

Submitted by: ¿?!ERICA!?¿

If you don’t like getting dirty in the game, go play tennis.

Submitted by: ashley the all-star[=

We practice to play we play to win.
– Coach D

Submitted by: moni

A soccer ball is the most beautiful creation made by man. And cookies with M&M’s in them are a close second.

Submitted by: Pink Terror

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