Sorry Quotes

I’m sorry I can’t speak very coherently.
– Syd Barrett

Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.
– Rachel Vincent

Being sorry is the highest act of selfishness, seeing value only after discarding it.
– Doug Horton

I’m sorry for being myself and I’m sorry for you and your greedy ways.

Submitted by: HAPPYROADKILL on May 29, 2008

Only a tree full of fruits of wonder & sweetness can bend down to say…SORRY

Submitted by: susan on July 30, 2009

Trust is like a piece of paper, once crinkled, it can never be perfect again.
Sorry is a word, It means nothing unless it is followed by an action

Submitted by: Emzy J on October 26, 2010

I’m so sorry I don’t know why I did the things I did I would go back it time if it was only possible.

Submitted by: middie on August 28, 2009

Do it again, then you’ll really be sorry!!!!

Submitted by: Isabel Garcia on August 11, 2010

If you’re sorry, don’t just say it, show it.

Submitted by: ItsTheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt on November 16, 2011

I’m sorry that I have a life.
I’m sorry that my world includes you, but doesn’t revolve around you.

Submitted by: rissa 17 on December 10, 2011

There’s no use of just saying sorry. One should feel it.

Submitted by: prachi mutha on June 29, 2012

I’m sorry for everything, yes I really love you and please give me a one more chance.

Submitted by: Lawanbhai on December 14, 2011

To be sorry requires action.

Submitted by: Susana on April 26, 2011

Saying sorry doesn’t mean it was you who did wrong and what they did was right. It is a word expressing what you feel when you hurt somebody.

Submitted by: Nina on May 26, 2012

And there are times when you seek for others’ forgiveness but you yourself know that you ain’t worthy of it.

Submitted by: ~Broken~ on June 5, 2012

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