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You’re stupid and annoying but who cares cause we’re best mates and no one can take that away from us, we’re like sisters always together, always agree, never split up and get angry with each- other so if you want to know why we’re best mates then that’s why.
Love you loads and always will.:D

Submitted by: Lola Merana

True friends leave memories that cannot be forgotten.

Submitted by: Lola

Best friends share openly, laugh often, trust always, and care deeply.

Submitted by: Grizzy

Best friends are like couples, although they last longer, talk more, and actually understand each other.

Submitted by: Grizzy

A best friend isn’t one who listens, it’s one who speaks when you can’t.

Submitted by: Grizelda

Friends call you by your real name.
True friends call you by a crazy made up name that only a true friend would laugh at.

Submitted by: Emily oliver and mollee roeser

A best friend is the one to tell you when you are wrong when others think that you are always right.

Submitted by: Cutie

Best friends are the ones who look at you and know exactly what you’re thinking. Best friends are the ones who can go into your house and call your parents mom and dad. Best friends are your pillow at a sleepover. Best friends are the ones who will cover for you whenever need be. Best friends are also known as soul sisters.<3

Submitted by: CassieGoesRawr

Best friend is a friend that we can trust and keep our secret with.
Best friend is also the one who loves us like a sister/brother.

Submitted by: Ember 13

I can’t say I’ll be your best friend forever because I won’t live that long, but I’ll be your best friend until the day I die.

Submitted by: Lilly labia

A best friend is some you go to for anything, someone who knows you the best, who can out a smile on your face no matter how you are feeling, or knows just the right thing to say to help you out. Not who you hang out with the most or who you gossip with.
A best friend is someone who is going to be straight up with you, tell you how it is.. Someone who can deal with you at your worst, and knows how to keep you at your high.

Submitted by: Madison .

Best friends are like diamonds the longer you keep them the more precious they are.

Submitted by: Amazing!!

Sum one asked me Whats so special in your best friend?
I smiled and replied “She knows I am not perfect.”:)

Submitted by: Vinay

Parents get you started in life, but best friend’s get you through it.

Submitted by: Jodie Rigby

A best friend can stab you at the back for the right reasons but always knows how to say sorry and accept the consequences. Forgiveness will take long but a friend can wait.

Submitted by: heather hope

Friends are people that ask about the crazy times. Best friends are the people who were there with you during the crazy times. <3

Submitted by: Ilovehiim

The day you are murdered, your friend will be helping to arrange the funeral while your best friend will be in jail for killing the person who killed you.

Submitted by: Alena Cosgrove

Without my best friend by my side, I’m nothing inside and out.:(

Submitted by: Reyes

Best friends are made when you are kids, and those best friends are the ones who let you be that kid when you are older.

Submitted by: bestiesforlife

True friends looks deep in to your soul.

Submitted by: Showfire100

A friend is someone who you know you can tell your secrets too, but a best friend is someone who you can tell everything to.

Submitted by: Haley

True friends will not put you down in front of other people.

Submitted by: Nerlyn lim

Friends will understand whats wrong, but best friends will help out through those wrong times.

Submitted by: Matthew

Friends will be around, best friends will be there for you, true friends will be there with you, but only the sister that you never had or the friend you call your sister will stick with you forever, no matter what happens.

Submitted by: Gillian

Losing your best friend is like losing half of your heart. </3

Submitted by: Bettyboo

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