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You break my heart I’ll break your face. I just got my heart broken when there was nothing left to break.
You took everything I had left to give and shattered me into pieces, I have nothing else.

Submitted by: demi

When you break up with someone it is always going to be hard but no pain lasts forever.

Submitted by: lilly

You are my biggest mistake!

Submitted by: enimsaj

She was my everything. Until the day I knew she wasn’t the girl I fell for. The girl I snuck out to see in college. :'( I miss that girl so f**** much. And she will always have a place in my heart.
But you? You’re a stranger to me. That’s why I left you. I don’t care about you. You mean absolute nothing to me. If only you didn’t have her eyes, her smile. Her laugh. Maybe then I could turn a blind eye. Maybe.
That’s why I didn’t come crawling back.
I just didn’t know who you were trying to be, who you was trying to impress. What f***** planet you was on.
F*** knows.
Yeah. I still miss her, the old her. Nobody knows. But if she turned up and told me to run away with her just like the old times. I wouldn’t need asking again.
I won’t dwell in the past. I just hope, somewhere out there. Is the girl who took my heart and disappeared.
She will find her way back, she must do. She has to.

Submitted by: headf***

I didn’t leave you because things were wrong. I left you because they would never be right.

Submitted by: Goodbye

It’s my fault that I let him go. And now I’m suffering.

Submitted by: idealistic2010

Why is this site slashing men??? You b*tches are worse than us, with your ho tendencies, and sneaking around we ain’t dumb.

Submitted by: daniel

You told me that you would take care of me, in the end you threw me out like yesterdays trash without a care in the world. So much for being taken care of, and you still expect me to still be friends with you? What for? After you showed me that you cannot take care of me how could I trust you.

Submitted by: Natalie

Deleting my feelings for you. Error! File too big.

Submitted by: Vannessa

I thought I was being suffocated by your love but then I realized it was your b*******!

Submitted by: monkeys

Sometimes I wish I had never known your name. Sometimes I wish I did don’t have to hear about you every second of my life. Sometimes I wish you would have not asked me out of even switched schools so that I did not have to fall in love with you and then you broke my heart. And have to live with the pain of seeing your face and knowing I can never have you back.

Submitted by: Felicity

I didn’t realize someone could break my heart this many times.
The worst part is that you will love me when I am gone.
I’m always the one that they regret; the one that they take for granted.
I would have been yours forever; if only you would wake up and realize.

Submitted by: L.smith

I want to forget you because I can’t see my heart in pieces. In every piece I see you.

Submitted by: Maaya

The hurt, the angry, the questions. Of why? Why let me change everything for you? Why let me do everything for you? Why when you never cared at all. Why lie and hurt someone who only tried to make you happy? I’m sick of feeling this way. Sick of feeling angry, depressed and empty. Yet I would still do anything to help you. One word to describe me: stupid.

Submitted by: Stupid

No one laughs at the same joke twice so why cry for the same person twice?

Submitted by: J

Quotes are great. Feeling of missing someone is easier said than done. Getting over a heart break is like to stand up on your own funeral and say hi too those who attend.

Submitted by: Ment too loose

I was ready to trust you. I was ready to love you. You broke your promise so I broke everything you thought you had. I would’ve given up anything to be your everything. If you asked me if I love you I’d say, “Yes, I do love you. I just can’t deal with all the heartbreak that comes from being with you.” I’ve finally realized I’m better off without you. I’m much happier this way.

Submitted by: brianna kai andrews

5 most annoying words after a break up: “Are you mad at me?” No, I’m perfectly happy you broke my heart.

Submitted by: Megan

I loved him. I loved him more than life itself. We fought and he told me he was done. My response went something like this: Done? Done what? Done claiming you like me and being with other girls. He hurt me. I cried. But you know what. I loved him more than he loved me. I was an option. I was back up. But I told him I don’t want to be back up. Not even for you, yes I love you so much but if you’re going to put me in the back burner and burn me I don’t want to. I don’t want to love you. What’s the point? So I can get hurt. Have fun collecting your jar of hearts but let me tell you right now, you’re minus one.

Submitted by: Nicole

You sit there and pretend like nothing ever happened.
You look at me like you don’t even care,
You smile with your friends and ignore me,
Because you care what they think,
Well guess what??!!,
I don’t.

Submitted by: Sasori

Dear heart,
Why do you love him? All he did was lie and cheat. My eyes dried while you sewed up your scars. We both trusted him again, but all he did was open your wounds even more. So tell me this. Why? Why do you love that jerk?
Kaitie (punk emo :/)

Submitted by: Punk Emo :/

How does it make you feel to hear me say that I miss you? How does it make you feel to hear that I still care? And that I still love you?

Submitted by: ancholi

Never loose sight of the friends that were there before him, because in the end when you have split up, you’re left wanting to speak to two people, your friend because they can help you through it and your ex because you can’t speak to your friend.
Never think you can change someone, if they’re not everything you want at the beginning, they never will be.

Submitted by: Justanothergirl

No matter how, true friends will help pick up the broken pieces of your heart. <3

Submitted by: Celest

I’m a strong girl who keeps her stuff in line. Even when I have tears going down on my face, I always manage to say those two words, “I’m fine.”

Submitted by: This Girl

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