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We both are guilty and we both are hurting right now but at the end of the day I’ll get my smile back.

Submitted by: Celia

I didn’t come back to tell you I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to.
It only hurts when you start to care.
I never even thought you’d be the one to treat me this way. I actually believed you cared for me and that you wanted to be with me. But now I’ve come to realize how wrong I was about you. So, I’m not going to stress over you anymore. It isn’t worth it. I tried to work something out, but you just ignored it. I’m not trying to say I don’t want you, because I definitely do. All I’m saying is I’m done chasing after you.
I hate checking my phone and seeing that you didn’t text me first.
I hate feeling clingy and annoying when I finally decide to text you first.
I hate waiting around for your reply.
I hate how I actually look forward to your reply.
I hate pretending to not care by putting my phone on silent, but then caving in and checking 5 minutes later.
I hate feeling like I need you more than you need me.

Submitted by: Rebecca

My heart was broken… It never healed… And it never will… Sadly love is an illusion but even though it seems real… It eventually is fake… The girl who broke my heart promised to love me forever and be my wife… All I see are lies when I look at her.

Submitted by: The Broken Heart of Eternity

When you can’t stare at someone you love, who broke your heart, look away.
– Harlie

Submitted by: Harlie Stansell

I always thought that spot on his chest is where MY head would always rest.

Submitted by: summer vieux

I’m tired of faking a smile…pretending I don’t care…saying I don’t love you anymore but the truth is I still love you with all of my heart and I’m tired of crying every night because I miss you and seeing you with someone else knowing you don’t love me anymore…knowing you don’t care.

Submitted by: ConfusedandHeArTbRoKeN

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, just I’m not for you and you aren’t for me.

Submitted by: izzy

Bring on the heart breaks, I eat those for breakfast!!! Break- ups and broken hearts are just a bump in the road, You’ll get over them eventually and, if you play your cards right, it’ll even turn you into a stronger person.

Submitted by: st.kharma payne

A lot of these quotes are so true…but they make it hurt almost even more than it did before…I don’t see many guys on here. But I am a guy…and I have had my heart completely shattered by a woman that I loved, and still love as much as ever. Nobody has ever had my love like she did. Not even my ex- wife, who I was with since freshman year of high school and had two children together before divorcing after 16 years of being together (7 of them married). I feel completely worthless, unlovable, and like she broke up with me because I have kids. She says not, but in the end it boils down to me being who I am because I have my children to consider. And that is where I see what she says is the problem as stemming from. And it kills me…as naive as it may make me, I never thought it would be my kids that would hold me back from being loved and being able to be happy. IDK…now I am rambling. Life just really sucks for me right now. Maybe I just don’t deserve to be loved and should just give up…

Submitted by: David

Forget guys… All they do is break your heart. What hurts the most is I was stupid enough to let them in.

Submitted by: lizzie

I’m not afraid of heights, deep water or love but I am afraid of falling, drowning and a broken heart. <3

Submitted by: sum

You lied and manipulated your way to my heart, I trusted you blindly with everything… Then you went ahead and tore everything we had apart… And then you blamed me as you walked away.

Submitted by: Noone

I takes only a little space to write how much I miss you. But it will take whole of my life to forget the day I lost you.

Submitted by: rajesh oswal

It’s not the fact that you’ll never come back that hurts me, it’s not knowing why you left without a word that kills me.

Submitted by: Haato

People never know how you feel, unless they have felt the same.

Submitted by: Brittany

I just got out of two year relationship with a ring involved. All my dreams and hope and trust are all shattered down. The worst part is that I would do anything for him. And he probably would not do the same from experience. If we could ever work it out and make forever happen I would do it. My favorite quote is “The truth is everyone gets hurt. You just have to find the one suffering for.” People say that the one you love won’t make you cry. That is complete wrong. Sometimes relationships you have to fight, cry, and loose to realize all that you have. If you can walk away and months or years still come back to each other loving each other like crazy the day you left. That my friend is true love. I’ll never give up on love.

Submitted by: ashley wood

Wherever there is a connection, there is a parting.
If two sides don’t spark together, there will be no connection.
With every parting, there is a possibility of a new and stronger bond.

Submitted by: penelope

Ok…Ummm you stole my heart. Now are you planning on giving it back?

Submitted by: WisdomWordz

S(he’s) Br(ok)en.. /:

Submitted by: Jordyn

You always say,”He’s changed, he really loves me this time”, but if he really loved you he would have loved you the first time. :/

Submitted by: SouthernSweetHeart

First time you broke my heart SHAME on you…
The second time you broke my heart SHAME on me…

Submitted by: richardcamacho

Do you thinking about me while you’re with him?
Do you find yourself comparing him to me?
Are you having second thoughts about letting me go?
Was it really WORTH breaking my heart.:(

Submitted by: richardcamacho

He is like drugs to me, not because I’m addicted to him, because he ruined my life.

Submitted by: Al

I love this site and I love the quotes but I’m not this type of girl. I have a great man in my life whom is head over heels for me but I don’t care for him. I honestly rather be alone.

Submitted by: kathy

You told me you lost your feelings for me. Maybe if you look at the guy that I have been talking about for 5 months or always walked with in the hall way… Then maybe you’ll find them.

Submitted by: Lexa

No words can console a broken heart.

Submitted by: kreezy

Everything is for a reason, your boyfriend broke up with you because you deserve someone better than him.

Submitted by: camille

I never thought face and body were real parameters of love until you made me realize it the hard way.

Submitted by: aparna salve

Never give your all to someone who doesn’t want it, save it for someone who deserves it.

Submitted by: mztaylor

People say that when a guy breaks heart of a girl, she cries and then gets over it, but when a guy is heartbroken he bleeds and there is no getting over it.

Submitted by: adi

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