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The hardest part in ending a relationship is not the feeling of letting go, but going through every damn day and remembering it.

Break Up Quote: The hardest part in ending a relationship...

Submitted by: jenn
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The quotes are really nice but do they really helps to cure a broken heart .. Well someone broke my heart long ago and I still can’t forget him even I know he never remember me now ..whenever I say I ll get over it and smile I know inside of me its a lie and all I feel is emptyness and tears began to really hurt while pouring down ..i can’t trust people anymore I don’t know what i’ve to do to really forget may be I just miss those feelings I felt while he s there coz its nt making sense that I miss him after all he did
i don’t blame anyone one for breaking me down I just blame my self for being so nice :D
All your quotes are awesome guys :)

Submitted by: NiGhtmares

Yeah it hurts when a guy you really like breaks up with you, and yeah it would be hard to not think about every single good thing that happened in your relationship…but then soon you’ll end up with someone better!!!

Submitted by: C3LOC!!T@

We both have a past,
but do we have a future?

Submitted by: Melissa

No matter how long it takes to heal my broken heart, it will never be fully healed without you there right next to me holding me tightly and never letting go.

Submitted by: samaria!

What Hurts The Most Is Not Getting A Reason Why They Broke Up With You

Submitted by: LFORA

Move On, easy word to say, but the hardest thing to do.

Submitted by: elaine grace

I don’t know what hurts more? Knowing that I care More Than Ever Or Knowing he doesn’t care at all!

Submitted by: Zach

You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them.

Submitted by: Raquel

Before you break up with somone make sure you are really ready to end it with them because it hurts when you see the person who used to be yours holding on to someone else!!

Submitted by: =' (

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