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Do you know what it’s like? To be heartbroken from all the pain you caused? To be ridiculed by everyone? To feel your heart explode and all the pieces stabbing you from the inside? Your heart is ripped in two. I need to be set free of this pain, nothing can hurt this much. I loved you, I loved you so much. And I still love you to this day. I just wanted you to know that.

Submitted by: kim

I sleep with memories of you ..I wake up with thoughts of you..I manage to pass the day with no hard feelings and end up going through the whole cycle again…

Submitted by: kavirag

It hurts to love the wrong person.

Submitted by: Susana

You said you couldn’t stand to see my heart get broken, so when you broke it did you close your eyes.

Submitted by: jessi

Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought, useless and disappointing

Submitted by: Shannon

Duct tape can fix anything but a broken heart.

Submitted by: Marlene Cruz

I try and try everyday to forget about him, but it’s no use. It’s almost like he is part of me, but I know he belongs to her.

Submitted by: Christi

You took my happiness with you and left this horrible sadness.

Submitted by: Enoch

I wouldn’t exactly call you a mistake. I would call you more like a lesson WELL learned.

Submitted by: jessika

As my eyes fill up with tears, my vision is blur. I can’t believe you hooked up with her. You told me you love me, but I no longer believe. I never thought you would ever try to hurt me. It was all such a surprise as I closed my eyes it happened so quickly, I never thought that you would ever leave me.

Submitted by: Lindsey

I love you more than words can explain, even after you left me to die, even though I know you never loved me, all the words you said to be were a lie, I was blind in love and to this day I want you back in my life. People tell me to move on but I just miss how we use to talk and how your kisses felt.

Submitted by: Sara

It’s hard when you forget the things that you should remember. But it’s harder when you remember the things that you should forget.

Submitted by: katpatron

If I could be anyone in the world right now, I would be her, so you would love me.
I know that you love her so I won’t interfere, I’ll just sit back and watch my entire life disappear.

Submitted by: a

Just think when someone breaks your heart your one heart closer to finding your true love.

Submitted by: rebecca

I can’t take it anymore, there must be something wrong with me, it’s been at least 4 months since you broke my heart, it’s still not healed yet, and I cry myself to sleep almost every night. I just wish I could get over you and forget all the pain.

Submitted by: Loveless heart

How do you forget about someone, when everything reminds you of them…

Submitted by: me

THANK YOU for breaking my heart you’ve only made me stronger.
As long as you’re happy then I will be too but a part of me dies when you tell her “I love you”. ):
She’s been hurt many times before this, you’d think it would be a routine by now & you’d think she wouldn’t let this get to her but the truth is she trusted you.
I’m not like any of the other girls. That’s where you made your first mistake.
Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll never love anyone like I loved you.

Submitted by: Tiffanny loves Dylan ?

I saw him just yesterday, his pale face and muscular arms. He makes me feel nauseous knowing he is not with me he is with another girl. I miss his love so much. I wish I could touch him one last time and take him away with me and leave everything behind. Cos he is mine!

Submitted by: lovee

I hurt you so many times sorry isn’t good enough.I wish I could take it all back but you are the most incredible guy in the world and I messed it all up. I know it’s true love but I think your over me now and that hurts because it turns out you were the only one whoever cared for me. I’m that girl who hurt the best guy and turned his heart hard..I really messed up worse then anyone could know..I know he is the one for me but I can’t get him back. ): lost my everything!

Submitted by: Ray

It’s hard to deal with the fact that he iis gone but what makes it worse is when he tells you he made a big mistake by going out with you.

Submitted by: miley

Why God didn’t add a “caution” sign on the basket of Love!.

Submitted by: Valkmeeki

I gave you my heart for a while but when you gave it back it was in pieces.

Submitted by: Cortney Bissessar

I always say I won’t laugh because I’m sad when the guy I loved broke up with me, but then when I see my friends, there is nothing but a smile upon my face.

Submitted by: Tessa Schoville

I hate the way I could never hate you and the fact that I always love you no matter what you put me through.

Submitted by: rhaymhix

Okay, Leave, but remember this, I will always be there, in the back of your mind, deep in your heart, on the sidelines, and you will see me out of the corner of your eye.. But by the time you realize that I am what you wanted, I will be gone and there will be nothing you can do because I waited long enough and you never came.. Now it is your turn, to feel my pain.

Submitted by: Amber

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