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you may not read this ever, but did you ever consider that he is pretending that it did not affect him? There are many men who believe they have to be all manly when breaking up and shrug it off. Isn’t it always the case that you can’t fully appreciate something until it is gone. Such is the way of life.
I hope one day soon you do get over him.
Naser x

Submitted by: Naser

You make me Happy. Sad. Excited. Angry. Upset. Ecstatic. Humiliated. You make me everything I can be. Your brought joy into this life of mine, but left with more than that. I’ve changed and I don’t know if it’s good. I’ve become stronger, and wiser. Yet unhappiness and dread lurk inside of me. You may not believe it, but I loved you, or at least thought I did. Now I don’t know how I can put it but no matter how much I try to forget, I never will. Because unlike you, forever and always meant something to me.

Submitted by: Alexx. :[

Break- Ups is one of the things that hurt the most in this world. But without it, we wouldn’t be able to take anything. Being hurt only makes us stronger.

Submitted by: Travis

But I am gonna try to build my bridge of emotions and get over it with out shedding tears.=]=[

Submitted by: R0b1n

I want to go back to the time…
when the only thing that could “hurt” were “skinned knees”
when the only things “broken” were your “toys”
when “goodbyes” only meant till tomorrow.

Submitted by: lola

I want to forget!!
I had this handsome wonderful boyfriend.. He was perfect, I loved him to the moon and back..that’s what he said to me as well
it wasn’t true
he left me for his ex…y? cos he wasn’t sure he was over her..
why risk breaking my heart!!!!!!!!
Every time I see them together my knees go all weak and my eyes start watering … Someone please help me

Submitted by: hannah

Just love this message…dedicated to all Broken Hearts
Gal: Why is GOD doing. Dis to me?If he knew that I would suffer this way. Why did he let me fall so deep for him?
GOD: Imagine that your Dad has two cars, one of them is ugly and old and the another one is new car the one he loves the most and the expensive.. He wants to teach you how to drive. In what car does you think he would teach you? He’ll teach you in d ugly cheaper and old car, So you can crash it, and when you learn to drive, he would give you the pretty one…
That is one how GOD works!
He would not give you right one for now because he knows you can do wrong and loose him forever… He wants you to meet at least one wrong person, just to know how to treat the right one.!!

Submitted by: Cinderella4u

I will only forget your name when I’m thinking about someone else’s.

Break Up Quote: I will only forget your name when...

Submitted by: joshua michael levinson
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Day after day
night after night
i fell and fell
but nothing seemed right
so I got down on my knees and begged
plz be with me but nothing is going to work
so I crymyself to sleep

Submitted by: cry myself to sleep

I told myself he loved me .. I told my heart I loved him back… Turns out he dumped me and wants everything back!!! :(

Submitted by: courtney

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