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Dis quotes were really nice ..sum were very true n meaningful ..buh still in thoughts whether will make people understand or nt.. It made me understand a bit ..loved it …tnx

Submitted by: ankit

I loved a boy too much. He was my soul, my life. All my days and nights were around him. I saw beautiful dreams to get married with him. To become his life partner. To grow older on his shoulder. I just wanted his chest to lie myself over that and to spend rest of my life just to make him smile and the most proudest man on earth who have loved such a loving girl like me.

But miss-understandings occurred between us. I tried a lot to convince him. But in vein. As long I tried to go closer to him he leaped more farther from me. One year passed. But still I am toiling over him. With a hope that he’ll come to me.

Friends, What I learned from my experience is to move up with life and to observe the positive aspects of life, what we learn from our past experiences. And to start living a constructive life from right now. To show him/her. I am not the weakest crying girl/boy you left. But I am the strongest who have started learning that you are not worth my tears. The one who really deserves me will never make me cry.

Best of luck as the shining tomorrow is waiting. Best of luck. Live life. God will always see the intention. And if you were the person with purest heart. No one can break your heart.

Submitted by: smarika

I never realized how much our relationship was like glass.
Until it broke.

Submitted by: kc

Yea these quotes really do help. I was talkin to this guy forever and he would tell me all this stuff like he loves me and only wants to be with me. Well I was stupid and halfway believed him. Then one of his bestfriends told me he was saying the exact same stuff to this other girl in a different city. He ended up losing both of us and trying to get back together with both of us at different times. He is an idiot and I hate him. It hurts so bad when someone tells you that type of stuff and he didnt even mean it. Just a regular football jock who gets high and drunk. LOsEr

Submitted by: BOYS SUK

Half of me just wants to break down and cry.
The other half wants to push him in front of a bus to make him feel the pain I feel…

Submitted by: ~Broken Memories~

I have loved you my whole life but still you show no interest. I changed my hair, Ive changed my clothes. Ive tried to do everything to reach your standards until, one day I realized Ive wasted 8 years of my life crying over you. Its time for me to grow up and face the world as I am now and forever will be. I will no longer live up to someone else’s standards and I will live my own life, because I know that no matter what I do, I will never be good enough for you.
I wish the day would come where you no longer cross my mind.

Submitted by: Jessica

If you can’t save the relationship, at least save your pride.

There will always be faces you can never look at without emotion and there are names you can never hear spoken without that same old feelings returning. Just when you think you can move on, you’ll remember all the reasons why you held on so long.

Submitted by: In love with the freshman

You can erase someone from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.

Break Up Quote: You can erase someone from your mind....

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My heart was skipping around your love…
It tripped and broke and your love ran away laughing.

Submitted by: Crystal
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