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If you’re about to let go of someone, remember why you held on soo long in the first place. Why would you hold on to something you didnt want?

Submitted by: chelsa

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with ?? Its sad…

Submitted by: ej

People cry not because love ends, but because it still continues, even when it’s over.

Submitted by: br0kenheartedME

Once you have loved someone, you’d do anything in the world for them… Except love them again.

Submitted by: Some one

It takes a brave person to love, but a braver person to pull away from the hand of the person that caused you pain.
To be strong is to win. Anybody who does not appreciate you, does not deserve you.
If it is meant to be, it will be. That’s all you have to remember.

Submitted by: fran

Leaving someone dear to you no matter how good your intentions are, will always be the hardest decision to make in life. But then, looking for him and not finding him at all is a lot harder to face because deep inside you know how fool you are for leaving him in the first place…

Submitted by: Angel

When some one hurts you badly you don’t know what to do especially when you love him so its hard to forgive when you can’t forget.

Submitted by: jodie e

Cry too much over one person and you will drown but move on and you will smile and that will bring out the sun to dry away your tears.

Submitted by: jodie e

Don’t want what you can’t have.

Submitted by: michael hartman

A break up is like losing your wallet, It Sucks, Its hard to get by, and it could take awhile to get everything back.

Submitted by: Trevor

I thought I could face anything in the world … But then I saw the way you looked at her and knew, losing you is the one thing I can’t handle.

Submitted by: Sai

Dont love someone with all your heart because one day you’ll turn around & they’ll be gone, & they’ll have taken your heart with them.

Submitted by: Allie Finlay

99.9% of me wants to give up, but its that 0.1% that keeps me going.
He won’t realize how much I love him. But when I’m gone he’s going to realize how much he really loved me,

Submitted by: Jody (:

No matter how hard you try to look good for him he always notices your flaws.
Crying doesn’t solve anything it only make you feel better.
I will cry you your river and build you your boat if that what you need to move on.

Submitted by: jade

I’m torn between what was and what could’ve been.

Submitted by: jasmin

Our relations are made by GOD, But we break them ourselves.

Submitted by: BLUE MOON

I thought falling in love will make me happy,,,,but all I got is depression.

Submitted by: Aksa Jamal

Don’t be with someone you know you’re not going to be faithful to.
It’s either one, or none.

Submitted by: TiannaMarie

I miss your smile a lot.. But I miss my own smile more.

Submitted by: broken

Learn to stop chasing, when he ain’t looking back.

Submitted by: libby

This is a great site. I broke up with my boyfriend, we got back together, and then he broke up with me. School started, and he’s been giving me those looks.
So here’s my break up quote: If you open your arms and try to let me back into your life, I just want you to remember how you treated me last time.
Make Up Quote: When you make up your mind, let me know and I’ll follow your love to the very ends of the earth.

Submitted by: Waiting For Him to Make His Move

Everyday I told myself I should stop thinking about you but every second, every minute, every hour I have only loved only…and will always

Submitted by: Fey

You can never forget the one you LOVE, You can act as if you forgot.

Submitted by: ah

Sometimes when you love someone you have to let them go and find happiness if they come back they are yours…if not they were never yours to begin with.

Submitted by: Brittany

People always told me, “Someday you’ll grow up and find that perfect person, you’ll fall in love and have a wonderful, happy ending…Just like in those fairy tales.” I soon realized how wrong they were.

Submitted by: Cassie

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