Break Up Quotes, Sayings about break ups

It’s hard to deal with the fact that he iis gone but what makes it worse is when he tells you he made a big mistake by going out with you.

Submitted by: miley

If I knew forever meant a week, I wouldn’t have gave you my all.

Submitted by: Flags

My head is telling me not to love you, but my heart is telling me something different.
I gave you my heart and you chewed it up and spit it out.
It hurts so much to see him with her and not me.
I trusted you, I thought you were the one, but I didn’t think you were the one to break my heart.

Submitted by: Heather

You can never forget the one you LOVE, You can act as if you forgot.

Submitted by: ah

It really hurts when you find it hard to move on, where as she moved on a week after breaking up.

Submitted by: Uh huh...

There are pain that you can’t see from the outside. Some pains don’t affect the outside but kills you on the inside. It’s a subtle kill, you might not even notice it but once you do; you just wish that it’ll get over it. It’s when you wake up with tear stains on your pillow, when you’re lying on the bathroom floor thinking what’s wrong with yourself, when all you want in life is just get through it. And that feeling is when you get your heartbroken.

Submitted by: littlemoments_1234

Its too bad, he broke her heart, but she keeps a smile on her face everyday to hide it all.

Submitted by: ashliexox

When you left you took part of my heart with you and left me with nothing to sew it up with.

Submitted by: Lauren

I thought that he was my one and only until I found out that I wasn’t his only one.

Submitted by: anonymous

The longer your with someone the harder it is to live without them. They become a part of both you and your life and although you might not know for certain that being with that person forever is what you want deep down inside, the time has already passed, and your life and you in general already depend on them to be who the person you now are.

Submitted by: ash

I will cry a river, I will build a bridge, but I’ll never get over it because it always breaks when I think of you.

Submitted by: Jasmine

It hurts to know you’ll never remember the things I’ll never forget.
I had to go my way and you had to go yours but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Submitted by: Senn

When me a boyfriend broke up the first thing he asked me was “Are you crying?”
My answer: No and never over you will I cry.

Submitted by: :p

Look before stepping, the next girl you date could be a step to happiness or a cliff edge to a pit of sorrow.

Submitted by: T.J.

Breakups can be a b*tch, but if you can find the time to get over that and realize that you’re still a great friend to her, that’s when you know you did what was right; you didn’t let her go, and she never asked you to.

Submitted by: Katelyn Winter

You made me so many promises. But I realized they meant nothing when you let me go.

Submitted by: Yunus

Sometimes Love Hurts, but Think Of All The Times it didn’t, That’s What It’s all about.

Submitted by: Ash

My boyfriend and I broke up 5 days ago. We had a really in depth conversation and decided it was best, because he doesn’t know what is expected in a relationship yet and I am two years older than him. It hurt me so much, but he said the cutest thing. I used to doubt if he loved me, but then he said “One day you are going to find someone who loves you as much as I did those first few weeks. Everything will be okay.” Him and I are still close.

Submitted by: Sammi Raye

Dont know if this is the right section, my first one.
In a relationship there will always be fights and argues. Its how you overcome those argues and fights that make your relationship stronger. If not.. It usually ends up with two broken hearts walking diffrent paths.

Submitted by: Criss

If they really love you they would never let you walk away in the first place.

Submitted by: Teri

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