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Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.

Submitted by: Ashley

Sometimes Love Hurts, but Think Of All The Times it didn’t, That’s What It’s all about.

Submitted by: Ash

My boyfriend and I broke up 5 days ago. We had a really in depth conversation and decided it was best, because he doesn’t know what is expected in a relationship yet and I am two years older than him. It hurt me so much, but he said the cutest thing. I used to doubt if he loved me, but then he said “One day you are going to find someone who loves you as much as I did those first few weeks. Everything will be okay.” Him and I are still close.

Submitted by: Sammi Raye

I wish I could be your One and Only, Forever and Always, Your one true love, but to you .. I’m none of the above.
Despite all the lies and pain you put me through.. I always will love & care for you.

Submitted by: Joleen :)

People grow on you, you get attached, they leave, you fall apart that’s just life. Sometimes people stay sometimes people go. It’s not our fault.

Submitted by: Storm Agnew

I felt special until I saw you talk like that to everyone.

Submitted by: marcos sanchez

You might be hurting a lot when you get dumped, but honestly you’ll always have feelings for that person even when you say you don’t.

Submitted by: Bree(:

I hate the way I could never hate you and the fact that I always love you no matter what you put me through.

Submitted by: rhaymhix

You made me so many promises. But I realized they meant nothing when you let me go.

Submitted by: Yunus

Its hard to say goodbye, when there was never a hello! :(

Submitted by: *iluvzyou*

Hope: H = hold O = on P = pain E = ends
When dealing with a broken heart = Hold On Pain Ends.

Submitted by: Molly

It hurts to get dumped by the one you love…it destroys you to find out they were cheating.

Submitted by: Jamie

My mind says give up, but my heart says go on.

Submitted by: bLack_ash21

Love may last for just a moment but memory can make that moment last forever.

Submitted by: Sivan

Some girls say “I hope someday he feels the pain I felt over him.” But for me I would never want him to feel the pain I felt for him.

Submitted by: mo

Thanks for being tears in my eyes, atleast I can lose you before you lose me..

Submitted by: Kiran

This is what I get, for being brave. This is what you give, after all I gave..

Submitted by: kim + bow + darcie :P

When people can walk away from you, let them walk!
Dont try to talk him into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring for you, coming to see you or staying attached to you!
When people can walk away from you, let them walk!
Because your destiny is never tied to anybody who left…

Submitted by: ricky

Just think when someone breaks your heart your one heart closer to finding your true love.

Submitted by: rebecca

I gave you my heart for a while but when you gave it back it was in pieces.

Submitted by: Cortney Bissessar

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