Yeah, I’ve told plenty of guys that I dated that I love them. But with you.. From the very first time I said it, I knew it was different.. It felt different when I told you, I knew it was real. That’s what true love is. You always said you loved me more than I loved you. But the only problem now is.. I still love you. But you moved on. I tell you I still love you.. And I feel stupid. Yes, I know I’m not very smart, I feel stupid a lot, but this is a different kind of stupid. It’s the kind where you love someone with all your heart.. And they have completely moved on. Where does that leave me? I can’t concentrate on anything.. After a few minutes my mind wanders off.. And I start day dreaming. I re- play all of our memories in my mind, from the first time we met.. The first time we talked.. The first time we hung out.. The first time we hugged.. The first time we held hands… Our first kiss… Our last kiss.. All the times you made me laugh.. It was the best time of my life. No guy ever made me feel the way you made me feel.. No guy fought for me when I broke up with him.. No guy dumped me six days after he fought for me.. I love you. Still. I miss you. With all my heart. Forever and always.

Submitted by: Abby

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