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Well I Guess It Was Better When We were Just Friends.
And I am sorry that I was your biggest mistake, and I’m sorry that every time I walk past you you hide your face so I can’t see the pain … For days I have been lost in thought over you and how everything you told me was a lie … Thanks for doing this to me , it taught me a good lesson, and you have made me that much stronger.
Quoted By Clarissa Carpenter

Submitted by: Clarissa :/

I love you more than words can explain, even after you left me to die, even though I know you never loved me, all the words you said to be were a lie, I was blind in love and to this day I want you back in my life. People tell me to move on but I just miss how we use to talk and how your kisses felt.

Submitted by: Sara

Yeah, I’ve told plenty of guys that I dated that I love them. But with you.. From the very first time I said it, I knew it was different.. It felt different when I told you, I knew it was real. That’s what true love is. You always said you loved me more than I loved you. But the only problem now is.. I still love you. But you moved on. I tell you I still love you.. And I feel stupid. Yes, I know I’m not very smart, I feel stupid a lot, but this is a different kind of stupid. It’s the kind where you love someone with all your heart.. And they have completely moved on. Where does that leave me? I can’t concentrate on anything.. After a few minutes my mind wanders off.. And I start day dreaming. I re- play all of our memories in my mind, from the first time we met.. The first time we talked.. The first time we hung out.. The first time we hugged.. The first time we held hands… Our first kiss… Our last kiss.. All the times you made me laugh.. It was the best time of my life. No guy ever made me feel the way you made me feel.. No guy fought for me when I broke up with him.. No guy dumped me six days after he fought for me.. I love you. Still. I miss you. With all my heart. Forever and always.

Submitted by: Abby

Seeing people change isn’t what hurts; what hurts is remembering who they used to be.

Submitted by: Tonjing

You said you couldn’t stand to see my heart get broken, so when you broke it did you close your eyes.

Submitted by: jessi

I’ve begun to balance the pleasure of lonliness against the pain of loving you.

Submitted by: Katie-bug

If love is shelter, I’m going to walk in the rain.
I love him but he doesn’t see that we can be.
If a couple are meant to be in love they eventually will be.

Submitted by: Mj

I wish I never met you because when we got together the next day you told me you loved her. I wish I never wasted my smiles on you because you’re nothing to me. I told you that I’m broken you didn’t care. You said to me get over it even though she doesn’t love you she wants us together. No more tears are going to be wasted on you so goodbye enjoy your loneliness, you lied and nothing hurts more than lying to the one that loves you.

Submitted by: jessika

I fell for you. I thought you were there to catch me. Guess not.

Submitted by: Martina

When you are in a relationship you say how many kids you’re going to have and where you’re going to live, you just make plans and then they end up leaving you for someone else.

Submitted by: alejandra tornez

S(he)’s br(ok)en because s(he) be(lie)ve(d).

Submitted by: lynn

It’s hard when your ex tells you he’s moving back for you and then a couple days before your b- day he tells you he’s leaving again because there is nothing here for him. :(

Submitted by: amber

The same person can make you feel special one day and the next day tell you how worthless you are.

Submitted by: Areeba

Broken promises..shattered heart..hurt generous of you to bless me with so many things..and such a shame I could just give you my love!!!

Submitted by: Marjaan

Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, the regret of that love lasts a lifetime

Submitted by: buffgal25

I saw him just yesterday, his pale face and muscular arms. He makes me feel nauseous knowing he is not with me he is with another girl. I miss his love so much. I wish I could touch him one last time and take him away with me and leave everything behind. Cos he is mine!

Submitted by: lovee

People who aren’t afraid to love in life, are the ones that get hurt the most by it.

Submitted by: Sivan

The greatest distance on earth is not north and south, it is when I am right in front of you and you do not know that I love you.

Submitted by: Chris

You may still be on my mind from time to time, my heart may ache every once in a while when I hear our song… But day by day I forget you more and more, and my heart hurts less when that happens, and in the end, our song is just a song.
I’m glad I never promised you forever and ever, because forever and ever would have been a long time to be stuck with someone like you.

Submitted by: Syd

If it’s over, why try and pretend that it’s not. Please do not tell me what you think I want to hear. The truth, the painful truth is so much better than a lie. Remember, to be a good liar, you must have a good memory.

Submitted by: Stormy

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