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How do you try to get over someone?? I mean it’s not like trying to lose weight or something like that. When you want to lose weight you do more sports, it’s like a recipe! but when you want to lose this empty feeling inside, which is all that’s left to me after he left, sports doesn’t help, there is no recipe for moving on…

Submitted by: shadowgirl

Why does it hurt so bad? can anyone help me? please!! I feel like half of myself died when he left me…he says he’s still in love with his ex- girlfriend and that he never wanted to hurt me…i believe him but I can’t forget about him…i guess we’re the same…he can’t forget about her (although she lives in norway by now) and I can’t forget about him…

Submitted by: shadowgirl

I feel so miserable that I can’t be around normal people without making them miserable, too…

Submitted by: shadowgirl

When my boyfriend broke up with me, I felt as if I couldn’t live again. We spent all day together and all summer ogether. I loved him so much and its hurts to even write this. I havea new boyfriends now but I hate my ex but I know I am not over him. My ex also had a girlfriend and when I see them togther I can feel my throat getting a lump in it. I used to cry mysef to sleep over him. Hes not worth anything but why can’t I see that? I love him so much but I also love my boyfriend.

Submitted by: break up

Love is like a flame. It burns bright on it’s own, but even brighter when joined by another.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Breaking up is like being buried but not dying.

Submitted by: AAAA

When you break up, you are supposed to forget it but I keep forgetting to forget it.

Submitted by: Brooke

I’M thr0ugh wd tEaRs. . I’m tHr0ugh wd cRyiNg evEry niGht. .
He hAd beEn my w0rLd aNd my LifE. . He wAs my evErytHing.. And n0w tHat hE’s g0ne, wHat’s tHe uSe of LiviNg iN tHis seLfiSh w0rLd. .

Submitted by: it's nORmaL! ThEy c0me aNd tHey go! i'M uSeD to it. .

Yeah it hurts when a guy you really like breaks up with you, and yeah it would be hard to not think about every single good thing that happened in your relationship…but then soon you’ll end up with someone better!!!

Submitted by: C3LOC!!T@

People come into are lives and then leave quickly, but then there are people that come into are lives and leave there footprints in are hearts forever and never truly leave.

Submitted by: Brooke

When you look back and think you want me back remember you let me go…

Submitted by: Tarheel_gal 24/7

It’s hard when someone breaks up with you especially if you really liked them and you realized that in the beginning you had it all and didn’t care at all but in the end is when you started caring but unfortunately it was too late.

Submitted by: Brenda

How can you know when someone is lying to you?
They say all these sweet words, and make you trust them and fall in love and then they break your heart easily… Whats one suppose to do?

Submitted by: Keka

The quotes helped me. But not with the relationship
I cried a river and built a bridge and got over it.
And thats all I’m going to say.

Submitted by: Melissa

you may not read this ever, but did you ever consider that he is pretending that it did not affect him? There are many men who believe they have to be all manly when breaking up and shrug it off. Isn’t it always the case that you can’t fully appreciate something until it is gone. Such is the way of life.
I hope one day soon you do get over him.
Naser x

Submitted by: Naser

Hey girls.
the one peice of advice I can give is, all guys are the same. (if you have had a clean breakup) As soon as you show any indication that you are, moving on and you show interest in new guys. They will come back in your life. Thats why it is so important to stay strong!! you may feel like msgn them every2 seconds telling him everything you feel. But DONT! ive gone through this numerous times, right now im on a “break” that my now bf wanted… Im dying not msgn him, but I kno its for the best. And remember – he was nothing without you =)

Submitted by: Susie

Here’s a peice of advice for the ppl that r suffering.
You don’t love someone because they are beautiful, or handsome, but they are that way because you love them. So,don’t lose sight of your dreams, no matter how far beyond your grasp they may seem.
– and
Good judgement comes from experience, often, experience comes from bad judgement.

Submitted by: Xiaotong

Having the love of your life break up with you and say we can still be friends is like your dog dying and your mom saying you can still keep him.

Submitted by: kayla

Wow, so today we broke up, and I didn’t care, until I noticed that he didn’t either…
i didn’t realize how much I really cared for him , until I realized he’d never cared for me
eh i’m over it.

Submitted by: Syd

Love is like a battle field. Not many come back the way they left
Breaking up is like dying but not being burried

Submitted by: jen

If we break up…ours friends are now my friends

Submitted by: Spazz_princess15

[[THEY say]] love makes you blind…
But the problem is,
I can see just fine.
*ya this just popped in my head when I was in class. And its true. Helped me realize a lot of things. Hope this helps some people =]*

Submitted by: LEAH! At the Disco

I told myself he loved me .. I told my heart I loved him back… Turns out he dumped me and wants everything back!!! :(

Submitted by: courtney

For once we were together hand and hand, never to leave each others’ sides, but then I awoke and realized it was all just a dream.

Submitted by: Ice Dragon

Can someone kill the person who created GOODBYES.

Break Up Quote: Can someone kill the person who created...

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Submitted by: mykel23

Why do we have 2 leave the one that we love?
is it a sign of being strong or loving someone makes us WEAK…

Submitted by: mykel23

Some of these quotes are amazing beyond all reason. =]

Submitted by: Jessy

Sometimes its better not to see him,coz seeing him will make me fall inlove again and again.. :(

Submitted by: fanycpants

We both have a past,
but do we have a future?

Submitted by: Melissa

If you love someone and you’re not sure if they love you don’t just assume it’s true and then hang all over them, just talk to them first and if it is true then you can hang all over them.

Submitted by: victoria

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