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A broken heart means broken dreams, Because the one you love will no longer be in them.

Submitted by: Love much?

When the person you love keeps hurting you over and over again, then calls you the next day to break it off saying “I just can’t live like this anymore…you kinda hurt me” you realize they were never really worth your time anyway.

Submitted by: Ash

Dont know if this is the right section, my first one.
In a relationship there will always be fights and argues. Its how you overcome those argues and fights that make your relationship stronger. If not.. It usually ends up with two broken hearts walking diffrent paths.

Submitted by: Criss

How do you let go of someone when your heart wants to hold on to them forever.

Submitted by: dancelover

First we were friends.then we were lovers,but now we act as if we don’t know each other

Submitted by: HEARTBROKEN

A Photo May Fade But A Memory Will Last Forever… If You Let It

Submitted by: Piece By Piece

It’s only love when all you can see is his face no matter how hard you try to erase it.

Submitted by: Alex

Love is an invitation for pain…

Submitted by: britt

How can I miss what never truly belonged to me in the first place?

Submitted by: Natasha

Sadness flies away on the wings of times…

Submitted by: loved once

Why did you make me fall if you weren’t going to catch me?

Submitted by: mira

A crush is called a crush for a reason.
Most of the time, you end up getting hurt

Submitted by: Someone

Pretending to love me hurts more than saying to me directly that you love somebody else..

Submitted by: leekhim.yumiko

Once you’ve loved, you can never hate.

Submitted by: l3loody

Sometimes you just have to smile, pretend everythings ok, hold back the tears, and just walk away.

Submitted by: lexica

The worst part about being in love with you is knowing that you lie, cheat, and worst of all just don’t love me back

Submitted by: sar

They say I still love him I say different he saw her and also saw love I saw a life without him and also saw happiness and change, good change…

Submitted by: sar

Quoting irma gee:
“And guys: Don’t cheat.”
I don’t like when I read or hear stuff like this. Not all guys are cheaters. Now, if you’ve been cheated on I’m sorry but..make sure you know them before you fall for them, there’s a lot of guys out there that give guys a good name.
Good quotes by the way.

Submitted by: Jaime

Hey all this is my quote that I sometimes feel like it is necessary to live by
“Never cry over someone who refuses to cry over you”
It is so true because when you cry that is exactly they wanted to hear to know if you still love them so if they need to they can fall back on you and your gonna take them back no matter what because you think you love them.

Submitted by: Kaylea

Experience is what you get, after the guy forgets your name.

Submitted by: Chelsea

Don’t say you love me unless you mean it…cos I might do something stupid…like BELIEVE IT!

Submitted by: sammie

Don’t break my heart and say we can still be friends. It would be like having my dog die and my mom saying I can still keep it.

Submitted by: Beegee

Honestly, these quotes are very touching, but hopefully all those guys that take the best thing they might ever have for granted can realize the value of love. Its hard getting dumped by someone you love, mostly to go back to his ex, and at the end, while he’s back with her, he still likes me. It doesn’t seem fair to me. It doesn’t matter the amount of time that your with someone, its the feelings that count. Maybe you can look for love, love has to look for you. Despise everything, it will be found when you least expect it, but when you most need it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but definitely at the right time.

Submitted by: Stranger

“its easier to be a little girl cuz scraped knees hurt less than a broken heart”
it’s the most horrible feeling to realize the one you love doesn’t feel the same…i wish the pain would go away

Submitted by: julieanna

Often the the people you think you know the best.
Turn out to be the ones you know the least.

Submitted by: Creena R Oglanby

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