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If it’s over, why try and pretend that it’s not. Please do not tell me what you think I want to hear. The truth, the painful truth is so much better than a lie. Remember, to be a good liar, you must have a good memory.

Submitted by: Stormy

After a while holding on leaves more cuts and bruises than the hard pull away.

Submitted by: laura

I’ll smile through the tears, and I’ll laugh through the pain. Though the wounds may heal, just remember that there will always be a scar where you touched my heart, and it will never be the same.

Submitted by: Starcrossed and Broken

Could your feelings perhaps be the same as mine? Will you give me another chance?

Submitted by: Krista CF

Sometimes in life you love, you learn and you move on.

Submitted by: ONE HEART

What did I do to deserve this? All I ever did was love you…
Once was enough, never again.
I will love you, always and forever.
I always have loved you and I think I always will.

Submitted by: me.

Break up for some people is like getting rid of a chewed up gum but for some people it is like being stuck with that gum….difficult to swallow and even more difficult to get out of its adhesion.

Submitted by: pushpanjali

I don’t know if I’m getting over you or just getting used to the pain.

Submitted by: julizz

Oh, don’t worry, you didn’t break me. No sweetie, you completely destroyed me!
You said you couldn’t stand to see my heart broken… So when you broke it, did you close your eyes??
I hope someone breaks your heart too!
I thought I’d love you forever…but that’s a long time to be wrong..
I’d been broken beyond repair..

Submitted by: emms

The better love is, the more letting go of it hurts.

Submitted by: Matt

Even the one person who wasn’t ever supposed to break your heart…probably will.

Submitted by: Tiffany

Hold on tight baby, I’m letting go! Life has been patiently waiting for me! I made up my mind, those days are gone! These pretty green eyes will no longer cry! .. I’m moving on…

Submitted by: ashley

A lot of these quotes are so true…but they make it hurt almost even more than it did before…I don’t see many guys on here. But I am a guy…and I have had my heart completely shattered by a woman that I loved, and still love as much as ever. Nobody has ever had my love like she did. Not even my ex- wife, who I was with since freshman year of high school and had two children together before divorcing after 16 years of being together (7 of them married). I feel completely worthless, unlovable, and like she broke up with me because I have kids. She says not, but in the end it boils down to me being who I am because I have my children to consider. And that is where I see what she says is the problem as stemming from. And it kills me…as naive as it may make me, I never thought it would be my kids that would hold me back from being loved and being able to be happy. IDK…now I am rambling. Life just really sucks for me right now. Maybe I just don’t deserve to be loved and should just give up…

Submitted by: David

If he has already messed up your mascara, don’t let him mess up your life.

Submitted by: Jasmine nicole

Leaving someone dear to you no matter how good your intentions are, will always be the hardest decision to make in life. But then, looking for him and not finding him at all is a lot harder to face because deep inside you know how fool you are for leaving him in the first place…

Submitted by: Angel

Let your tears come.Let them water your soul.
– Eileen Mayhew

Yeah, I know that there are girls prettier than me, smarter than me, nicer than me. But you didn’t have to cheat on me, I would have rather you broke up with me than find out you where cheating, it just made it hurt worse. So tell me, why am I still so in love with you???

Submitted by: Ri

Love screws us all.

Submitted by: Charne

Don’t bother crying over some guy. If he broke your heart, just set your standards higher so it won’t happen again. This time, take your time and find the right one!

Submitted by: Mya

Just like the cloud, my eyes will do the same, everyday it’ll rain.
Bruno Mars

Submitted by: Aiman Afiq

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