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Its not that I can’t live without you..i will find a way!! The only problem is I don’t want to!

Submitted by: Umang

If you can explain why you love someone than it is not love at all, it is a crush!
If you can just break up with someone, and there be no reason at all, then she didn’t love you!
I’m a 15 year old who’s girlfriend just dumped him because she said that she wanted to be single….
It feels even worse when you try and kill yourself yet time after time you don’t die!

Submitted by: keith

You know it meant everything when she cries cause she has to break your heart.

Submitted by: Allyson

The quotes are really nice but do they really helps to cure a broken heart .. Well someone broke my heart long ago and I still can’t forget him even I know he never remember me now ..whenever I say I ll get over it and smile I know inside of me its a lie and all I feel is emptyness and tears began to really hurt while pouring down ..i can’t trust people anymore I don’t know what i’ve to do to really forget may be I just miss those feelings I felt while he s there coz its nt making sense that I miss him after all he did
i don’t blame anyone one for breaking me down I just blame my self for being so nice :D
All your quotes are awesome guys :)

Submitted by: NiGhtmares

You may not know why, but it had to stop for a good reason: It was never meant to be.

Submitted by: Meg

It’s so hard to see you with another girl when I know I will never have you like she has you.

Submitted by: Brooke

Tired of trying, sick of crying
Yeah I am smiling but inside I am dying
Someone asked if I knew you
It was sad because all I could say was
“I used to ”
So from now on when you think of me
Just remember
I could have been the best thing that you ever had
I get the best feeling in the world when you smile at me or even say hi because I know for one second I crossed your mind
One day your gonna wake up and realize you love me.
And when that day comes I am going to be waking up with the guy that already knew
That is about it so let me know what you think about them by posting something.

Submitted by: Juliana

Yeah it’s hard to move on most specially when you love that person..but sometimes we must let them go, because letting go of someone means you love him so much even it hurts you so bad…

Submitted by: broken22heart02

Were do you go when the only person that can stop you from crying made you cry?

Submitted by: michelle

Love is like heaven but can burn like hell

Submitted by: Sara Roushdy

Yea these quotes really do help. I was talkin to this guy forever and he would tell me all this stuff like he loves me and only wants to be with me. Well I was stupid and halfway believed him. Then one of his bestfriends told me he was saying the exact same stuff to this other girl in a different city. He ended up losing both of us and trying to get back together with both of us at different times. He is an idiot and I hate him. It hurts so bad when someone tells you that type of stuff and he didnt even mean it. Just a regular football jock who gets high and drunk. LOsEr

Submitted by: BOYS SUK

“Never make a man a priority when he only makes you and option”
We all need to learn form this quote. Hope it’ll be added to the site.

Submitted by: LEAH! At The Disco

What do you do when the only one who can make you stop crying is the one who made you cry?

Break Up Quote: What do you do when the only...

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Submitted by: Stretch #2

We love them,
we need them,
we respect them,
we cry for them.
if only they knew what us girls go through.
then maybe we would get just a little bit of love in return

Submitted by: steffi

A golden rule to live by to keep us girls on track never love a player cause he’ll never love you back.

Submitted by: jessica

It’s been a few months since we’ve broken up,
You think I would be over him by now,
I thought so too.

Submitted by: samaria!

When I say I hate him
Its because I love him really inside.
When I say I can’t stand him
I really want him by my side
I can’t tell what I feel
Because its too late.
We’ve broken up ..
I’ve gotta move on now

Submitted by: samaria!

It’s hard when you love him so much.
But when he forgets it’s your birthday..
What would you do?
Would you tell him about it..
Or forget like nothing ever happened?

Submitted by: samaria!

X..Oh Boy, My World Has Changed And I Don’t Think I Can Make It Without You..x

Submitted by: xXxAnonymousxXx

Why do we spend so much time looking for love. When its time to find love it will pop- up in front of us. And when that happens hold it tight and never let go.

Submitted by: Jess Ergler

“i was waiting for the longest time, she said. I thought you forgot. It is hard to forget, I said, when there is such and empty space when you are gone.”
uh.. Dats not mine btw. Found it while stumbling and thought it was nice.

Submitted by: Darkorigins

Guys if you want a girl back don’t do it by making her jealous and then going to her after a week with the new girlfriend. It doesn’t work. Just talk to her about and don’t lie about anything! Sometimes the best thing to do is tell her how you feel and then just wait. Don’t go out with someone if you don’t like them!
My favorite quote is “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken then get hurt trying to put it pack together.”

Submitted by: **HEART ACHE**

It’s hard to forget about that special someone but just remember some where out there, there’s someone waiting for you, so move on. I know its hard but try and find the one that deserves you!

Submitted by: YULY

In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. :)

Submitted by: Anonymous

Don’t let a guy bring you back, just take 3 steps forward and you will meet in the end.

Submitted by: Emm

Rufa you still like your ex. How can you say it helps you forget ur ex whn ur talking bout him now. You havnt forgotten him, you never wll.

Submitted by: Cagla Bicer

I Lie here crying…While you are with her…

Submitted by: Cagla Bicer

You don’t realize how much someone meant to you until they break your heart

Submitted by: Ian

I know it really is hard sometimes to get over a guy but just think of it this way… You are probabbly 2 good 4 him anyways. And if he is going to break up with you for a stupid reason he probabbly never loved you anyways.. And you deserve better than that. Don’t like a guy change the real you just because he don’t like it, because you never know there might be a guy out there that likes you for exactly who you are and they don’t want you to change. I hope I helped some people out with this situation.

Submitted by: Crystal

Is it possible to be in love with some1 that you didnt like untill you went out with them then they dumped you?

Submitted by: Ian

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