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If you have ever loved a girl for real, gave everything for her, gave up the passion of your dream to have the passion of her heart, and she never loved you back, kept treating you as a thing, never saw you the hero you always been, thought you are ugly unlike what you truly are, thought your sacrifices should be all in vain cos she don’t love you back. Make sure that, no matter what type of heart you have, it’s a hero’s heart.

Don’t let anybody call you you ain’t, beautiful man. :)

Submitted by: Arthur Lucien

Can some one help me?? How do I get over a guy that I broke up with??

Submitted by: .:.AshleY.:.

My quote::
i love him, but he hates me. I just wish we could be together forever just him and me

Submitted by: Sarahh

My daddy left my mummy and she was soo sad for a long time and still is. I read these quotes they are nice but they are a little bit sad.

Submitted by: jessica

I’ve had my heart broken before but that never stopped me from looking for love.

Submitted by: Elemuel cuba

You broke my heart once and came back and asked for forgiveness but I don’t trust your eyes cos I’m scared it’s gonna happen again.

Submitted by: cassy

Sometimes a girl, comes into your life, you think shes the one, without thinking twice, you let her in, show her your life, show her your weakness, show her your strides, let her know you love her, let her know you care, tell her you’ll never leave her, through whatever despair, but one day down the road, to a great surprise, one day she won’t love you, and it will be your demise, you’ll cry a river, shedding tears, thinking all the while, how many years, you spent together, good times and bad, about all the things, you once had, laying in bed, thinking what went wrong, saying to yourself, what other road could I have gone, but this is life, and sometimes it’s not fair, so remember the past, and how wonderful it was, pick up your head, keep moving forward, one day it will be better, for you will see.

Submitted by: nik

I just wish the pain can cease like the way our relationship did.

Submitted by: sports girl

I broke your heart now I want you back but it’s too late and it’s my fault.

Submitted by: Ashley

We came together from a different lives, with one aim to share our love.
Months came by and years past by your heart has changed and you left me in pain.

Submitted by: acitstarboink

Walking into each other is easy. Walking away is the hardest.

Submitted by: Kara

You didn’t kill me. You just made me stronger.

Submitted by: Daphne

You will never know how it is to get your heart broken because you’re always the one to break hearts.

Submitted by: Alyssa moats

Sometimes turning your back is worth it, the pain and sadness is like walking through glass

Submitted by: Denisse Lopez

I believe people deserve a second chance.

Submitted by: Daniele

A broken heart is like a scratch, it heals, but you have a scar that reminds of pain and what not to do the next time.

Submitted by: PrettybaddRoss

Don’t cry when the sun is gone because the tears won’t let you see the stars.

Submitted by: ZmarieR

Breaking up with that one person you loved so much is going to be hard, missing them is the worst part. Walking down the street and suddenly they’re there, again, in your mind, a memory of what you once did together. Wishing you were still there, you feel like breaking down, like your never going to meet anyone else like them ever again.
Honestly though, time is the greatest healer, stay positive, think of all the bad things he/she did, try thinking of the worst sides to them and how you felt at that time. Exercise is one of the greatest things you can ever do when you’ve just broken up in really is, you start feeling more happier about yourself and more confident. Don’t worry, love will always happen again and it will work forever if he/shes the one. Stay strong people. :)

Submitted by: danielle

You are my biggest mistake!

Submitted by: enimsaj

I didn’t realize someone could break my heart this many times.
The worst part is that you will love me when I am gone.
I’m always the one that they regret; the one that they take for granted.
I would have been yours forever; if only you would wake up and realize.

Submitted by: L.smith

Quotes are great. Feeling of missing someone is easier said than done. Getting over a heart break is like to stand up on your own funeral and say hi too those who attend.

Submitted by: Ment too loose

Everything is meant to be broken, so why should my heart be any different.

Submitted by: Br0ken

I can’t stand how some one can go out with the same guy more than twice, I know people like that but its just silly if you know they are going to leave again.
Some quotes I thought that helped me with this
How could you let me go and still say you love me?
(one I made up) Let go of me because there is no way I’m coming back.
(one I kinda changed) You set me free and I came back then you let me go again, now I will never come back.

Submitted by: mehehe

Who said break- ups were easy. They never will be, but they get easier as long as you rub it in the persons face that you have “moved on” even if you haven’t. Your friends always help. Don’t let your ex get in the way of your life. You only an allotted time to live it.

Submitted by: TaylaSwift13

My boyfriend just dumped me two days ago. He always told me he loved me and he would never hurt me, so I just made this quote up:
When a guy says “I’ll never hurt you” what he really means is “I’m just waiting for you to let your guard down, then I’ll get what I want from you and rip your heart out”.

Submitted by: Abby

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