Coffee Quotes and Sayings

Behind every successful woman a substantial amount of coffee.

Submitted by: xena

Coffee…one sip at a time…

Submitted by: Rachii

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Yes, I’m a coffee addict and I’m proud of it!

Submitted by: addiction

Don’t speak to me so early if you don’t have coffee for me.

Submitted by: tiffany

Nothing really can be said after the first sip but a desiringly quiet utter of, “mmmm, coffeeee”.

Submitted by: LilyAngel

Death before decaf!!!

Submitted by: eric

Coffee, all the goodness of life in a cup.

Submitted by: jakeinabox

Coffee is like drinking sunshine!

Submitted by: Helen

I can do all things through prayer and coffee.

Submitted by: Carrie Myers

Bean me up!

Submitted by: BingoBongo

WIth enough coffee, I could rule the world.

Submitted by: Talanhart

Latte is French for “You just paid too much for your coffee”.

Submitted by: Brutus

Decaf is a waste of cream and sugar.

Submitted by: mary ellen

Coffee: My favorite kind of bean.

Submitted by: Natasha

Life without coffee is a life not lived.

Submitted by: Jessiebabe

Without coffee breaks, there will be no accomplishments!

Submitted by: Bushra

Caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin !!

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine.

It is inhumane in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.
Dave Barry

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