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Life is better if you are satisfied and happy with what you do and what you have.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Ivy Lee

Better to be happy with the cod fish in your plate now, than to linger for the taste of a tuna that is still swimming in the sea.

Submitted by: Dennis E. Adonis

The best may come the best may leave, you do not know the best unless you know what you already have.

Submitted by: zakery

If you can’t be a superstar, be a star.

Submitted by: Burton Mwakatumbula

Sometimes the greenest grass is right beneath your feet.

Submitted by: Phil Bubnis

God give me nothing I wanted. He gave me everything I needed.

Submitted by: Yuvi

Life is like a deck of cards, you get what you’re given. Be satisfied, nobody knows who you really are till you show your hand.

Submitted by: kendra / ritchie/ styles.....

It’s useless, wasting time thinking about what you don’t have.

Submitted by: Burton Mwakatumbula

People are never happy with what they have. They want what they had. Or what others have.

People are always looking for more and forget about what they already have.

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