He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature.


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  • Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. – Socrates
  • Wealth is not in vast riches but wealth is in self-contentment.
  • He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what...
  • Contentment is the greatest form of wealth. – Acharya Nagarjuna
  • Content makes poor men rich; discontentment makes rich men poor. – Benjamin Franklin
  • Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. – Gautama...
  • Contentment is happiness.
  • That best of blessings, a contented mind
  • If you can’t be content with what you have received, be thankful for what you...
  • Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much...
  • A man may be happy anywhere that knows how to be contented. – Wellins Calcott
  • Contentment is a realization that life is a GIFT and not a RIGHT.
  • Want to find a perfect person for you? Be contented.
  • Don’t compare. Be contented with yourself. Enjoy, delight – help yourself to be yourself.
  • True contentment comes with empathy. – Tim Finn

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