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When we were born our family was happy and when we were unable to take care of ourselves during that first fever, cold, cough, or even with our tears. There was a family member there to pick us up and make us feel better and secure. Our friends came long after, (years). Our family is the one who even today will worry with our misfortunes, and share our happiness when we are in good spirits. No matter what the situation is that brings a family apart, we always in the back of our minds remember the good times.
There are times that we do not want them around cause of greed, or cause someone else that have entered the family is not to our liking, or cause the family member is not willing to cooperate with us on certain things.
But in the end of the day when we are in pain. In hard times. In times of need, we always like their hand to placed on our shoulder and say “It’s ok”. This is what family is all about. Being there for you, for us, for them!!.

Submitted by: jon_dory

If my family isn’t happy then I’m doing something wrong.

Submitted by: joshua michael levinson

A good person comes with a good family.:- )

Submitted by: Ch@d

We might share the same blood but that doesn’t make you family.

Submitted by: JuliaAnne

To love your family is one type of worshiping God for Lord says Love your Father and Mother.

Submitted by: Daniel Garang Aluk Dinyo

My family is my religion.

Submitted by: Ethan Arfoul

This is my country, that is your country, these are the conceptions of narrow souls, to the liberal minded the whole world is a family.
– Virchand Gandhi (1864-1901)

Submitted by: Virchand Gandhi (1864-1901)

Clever father, clever daughter; clever mother, clever son.
– Russian Proverb


My family is my God.

Submitted by: sheikh saqib majeed

I love my family each and every one of em.

Submitted by: Samantha mia diaz

You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s.
Robert Frost


If you hate your family, you hate God. For family is a gift from him.

Submitted by: domy castro jr

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