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Love is blind.
Please be kind.
If I kiss you please don’t mind. ;)

Submitted by: Ryu Han-g

Ma’am you’re the cause of global warming, What about the poor Polar Bears?

Submitted by: John

Do your parents work in a sugar farm?
because you’re sweet..

Submitted by: Mookie

If you don’t want to be mine that’s your loss not mine!

Submitted by: kiki

The lolly shop was looking for you, they said one of their sweets escaped.

Submitted by: umm...Me

Oh, so YOU’RE the reason why Al Gore’s been going on about Global Warming.
– – – – – –
Boy: Do you wear contacts
Girl: (“Yes” or “No” or “DUH are you stupid? I’m wearing glasses”)
Boy: Are you sure? let me see…
(long time later)
Girl: Dude, you can stop staring now.
Boy: Sorry. Can’t. I’m lost. And I don’t really care to find my way back.

Submitted by: Sahil

I’m going to Alaska you wanna come…cos you’re so hot you’ll keep me warm.

Submitted by: katiibugg

Girl, your feet must be hurtin’ cause you have been runnin’ through my mind all day long.

Submitted by: therandomone

I noticed you noticing me, so I decided to put you on notice that I noticed you too.

Submitted by: canacoded

Heres something a guy said to my sis
“do you have a band- aid”
“no why”
“cause I just cut myself falling for you <3″
i thought it was reeally cutee

Submitted by: Emma

I think heaven lost an angel

Submitted by: Geddouus

I can drink coffee without sugar, if you sit next to me cos you are sweeter than sugar!

Submitted by: Ilyas

The world is going sugar- free! You stole all the sugar!

Submitted by: sonya

Have I died and gone to heaven?
– No why?-
Because I just saw my first angel!!!

Submitted by: George Davis (Creature)

I am not perfect but when we are together this makes me awesome.

Submitted by: moe alzoubi

Wanna grow old with me?

Submitted by: Jessica Parmar

Someone please call the police, cos it’s got to be illegal to look that good!

Submitted by: Linda

Your so hot, that I couldn’t tell that it was the middle of winter.

Submitted by: Adib - mwa ha ha!!

Hey did it hurt?
– did what hurt?
when you fell from heaven

Submitted by: Alex

Baby you must be a lighter cause you turn me on..

Submitted by: goof

The police are looking for you to arrest you.
Cos you stole my heart.

Submitted by: Pounds

My boyfriend said this to me.
Me: I don’t know what to talk about.
My Bf: Lets talk about how beautiful you are. <3

Submitted by: Danielle

If you were an island…could I explore you.

Submitted by: luvr gal

Do you have the time?
No. I mean the time to write down your number for me.

Submitted by: nathaniel

Hey, I’m in Club Awesome,
But you should be in Club Beautiful.

Submitted by: awesomewho

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