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True friendships are like circles… They go on forever.

Submitted by: Emma :]

If you wish to have friends, just be one.

Submitted by: Jim Forsythe

True loneliness is not being away from your friends, it is being right next to them and knowing youv’e done them wrong.

Submitted by: Karasu

The journey of life is never complete without a friend to share the memories.

Submitted by: Jessica S.

Friends say sorry best friends feel sorry

Submitted by: Hellgrind

To be depressed is to be lonely; to have a friend is to be happy.
Friendship Quote: To be depressed is to be lonely;...

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Friends are like balloons, tie them to your heart and never let them go.

Submitted by: Sophie

Friendship is like a pet.
It must be fed and cared for, otherwise it dies slowly.

Submitted by: Kisbye

I may meet new friends, but I surely treasure the old…

Submitted by: chamzee gal

Remember your friend was once a stranger.

Submitted by: jemma
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