Friendship Quotes, Sayings for friends - Page 16

Only your real friends will tell you when you’ve got broccoli in your teeth and your boyfriend is checking out the waitress.

Submitted by: lostXyellowXbutterly

If you wish to have friends, just be one.

Submitted by: Jim Forsythe

True friendships are like circles… They go on forever.

Submitted by: Emma :]

True loneliness is not being away from your friends, it is being right next to them and knowing youv’e done them wrong.

Submitted by: Karasu

Friends say sorry best friends feel sorry

Submitted by: Hellgrind

The journey of life is never complete without a friend to share the memories.

Submitted by: Jessica S.

Friendship is like a pet.
It must be fed and cared for, otherwise it dies slowly.

Submitted by: Kisbye

Friends are like balloons, tie them to your heart and never let them go.

Submitted by: Sophie

Real friends don’t flirt with your ex, your current, or your future maybes! Instead they remind you why your ex is an ex, warn your current that they better not hurt you or else, or tell your future maybe just how lucky they are to have you!

Submitted by: emily

Remember your friend was once a stranger.

Submitted by: jemma
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