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Fake friends get along with your siblings…true friends treat them like they are their siblings.

Submitted by: Megan

A friend is someone willing to listen when problems are dragging you down, a shoulder to lean and easy to count on.

Submitted by: annabel

True friendship and love are inseparable.

Submitted by: Beda

Friends are always there to talk, but only real friends are there to listen.

Submitted by: maggie

He who seek for a faultless friend will remain friendless.

Submitted by: sibusiso mhlongo

People need friends, everyone does.
Some people are there for you, some never are.
Friends are there whenever, whether you need them or not.
Friends don’t say words, friends know, and don’t need to say a thing.

Submitted by: Sunny

Friends means only happiness, NO sorrows.

Submitted by: Manish

As we go through life it gets lonelier as more of the people we know as friends, get lost in the business of our daily lives or die. It takes extraordinary people to be gaining friends as they go through life weaving new people into what is already a full life. Making everyone feel loved and important. I was lucky enough to have one of these extraordinary people in my life and one day hope to be one of these people.

Submitted by: sash

Having ten good friends is better than a hundred acquaintances.

Submitted by: Michael C.

Friends that fall out over rumors, where never friends to begin with.

Submitted by: Peter

Friends are like flowers; you have to pick the right ones. <3

Submitted by: Emily

Friendships are like flowers in the garden of life. You throw a few seeds onto the soil, water and nurture the spirit and encourage growth. You see the love and beauty in the petals and stems of sincerity. But always be prepared to remove the ‘weeds’.

Submitted by: Joan Fearon

True friendship is when you stand up for your friends in need. It is when you take care of one another when their heart is broken. True friendship is when you know they will always be there for you when you fall.

Submitted by: Makayla

Friends are like tiny game pieces once you lose them they don’t come back, but best friends are like they game board, you can keep them forever.:)

Submitted by: Kiwii

True friends are rare like gold dust, false friends are everywhere and hard to trust.

Submitted by: judy sammy

A friend is someone who is with you not only in times of trouble but is always there for you through thick and thin. Serves as an inspiration, who finds time for you in their busy schedule and someone who you are happy to be with.

Submitted by: rosemarie

To have a friend, you have to be one first.

Submitted by: no name

Friendship is a golden ribbon that ties the world together.

Submitted by: byrdie

Friends are like a rainbow. They brighten up your life when you’ve gone through a storm.

Submitted by: Byrdie

A person who have real friend is the most richest person in the whole world.:- )

Submitted by: Farhan Younus

A true friend isn’t someone who tells you what you ‘want’ to hear…. Instead, they will tell you what they know you ‘need’ to hear…even at the risk of making you angry.

Submitted by: Carole

Life without friends is like hands without fingers – pointless!

Submitted by: Joan Tolentino

You need friend and your friend needs you.

Submitted by: ahkdacool

Friends are like balloons, tie them to your heart and never let them go.

Submitted by: Sophie

Friends are like your second family only closer.

Submitted by: a fwend

Friends are the ones that bring out the BEST in you.

Submitted by: kate

We will be friends as long as starts twinkle in the sky…
As long as angels are there up high…
Till oceans run dry…
And till the day I die.
– Anonymous

Submitted by: Anonymous

The best relation in the world is friendship.

Submitted by: umair

God made us for a reason, to stay together, let’s not disappoint him.

Submitted by: lusa

A real friend is always there for you, but a fake friend is there when they want something from you.

Submitted by: Victoria suchecki

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