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To ride is to borrow wings from a true angel.

Submitted by: GraceC

Horses are not just animals they are companions.

Submitted by: Taylor

Horse riding is way more than just getting on an animal and trotting around it’s a bond you have to form with your horse or it isn’t really riding at all.

Submitted by: Vic

A world without horses, is like a night sky without stars.

Submitted by: Meagan

Horses are nothing but liberated souls.
If I die I want to come back as a horse with a master like myself.

Submitted by: Israel Adusi-Opoku Atuahene Sampson

When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking.

Submitted by: kelly

Horses can’t talk, but they speak if you listen.

Submitted by: Libby

Life without horses, I don’t think so!

Submitted by: Eva

Horses leave hoof prints on your heart.

Submitted by: Eva

When asked if I can imagine my life without horses, promptly I reply: “Well for me, that would not be a life at all.”
– Tshepo Moime

Submitted by: Tshepo Moime

A horse is a beast with strength beyond measure, a wild, free spirit, an iron will, and a huge heart. An equestrian is someone who is brave enough to tame this beast, and in return is lent wings, an opportunity to live, love, breathe and die horses, a chance to understand as much of heaven as we simple humans can here on earth, total, complete trust and more unconditional love than we will ever know. That is the joy of riding horses.

Submitted by: Allie

Ask me to show you poetry in motion, and I will show you a horse.
Soon I shall go to sleep, in hopes of seeing him again. His intelligent soft eyes, his elegant head. His soft heart, and his four legs. For my horse is a dream, a dream of the making.

Submitted by: Emily

We bet you know one little girl who would rather meet Bezzie Madden rather than Lady Gaga any day. (:
– Jade
I know I would.

Submitted by: Jade

I’d rather muck out a stall than go to the mall.

Submitted by: scarlett

They have pushed us aside, ignored our true talent. Said “it’s not a sport” “It’s easy”. Well, here’s life through our eyes. 40 miles per hour, is slow, 5 feet in the air, is nothing, controlling 1200 pounds with only your hand and leg, is simple. We endure the worst conditions, we embrace the small moments. We strive for perfection, and with our horses to stand by us, together. Let’s prove them, wrong. We are equestrians, and we would like to see you try it.

Submitted by: DarciP

If you think jumping isn’t extreme, try on my boots, use my saddle!

Submitted by: E-M-M-A

A rider without horse is just a human, but a horse without rider is still a horse.

Submitted by: roycen

Who needs school? All you need is a horse.

Submitted by: Lacee

Never Been a Horse that can’t be Rode, Never Been a Cowboy that can’t be Thrown.

Submitted by: Natalie Truett

Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your face, and you will truly know what it is to be close to God’s animal.

Submitted by: Jules

With a fast horse, good run, and a winning time. Who needs a cowboy?!?:)

Submitted by: Jessica

If it has nothing to do with horses, count me out.

Submitted by: Lisa

Riding: It’s not about “if” you come off but when.

Submitted by: Sarah

Horseback riding isn’t a sport right? No it’s more it’s a life style. A friendship. A way to become free from all in the world. Horseback riding is more than anything. It’s my life.

Submitted by: Kristen

It’s not just jumping a horse, it’s a given opportunity to fly without wings. For a split second, of course!
While you’re teaching your horse to win in the arena, he’s quietly teaching you to win in life!
Be the rider, not the passenger!

Submitted by: Anonymous

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